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October 2021 Legal Updates

14 October 2021  |  Legal Updates  |  Green Element

The Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information (Amendment) Regulations 2021(LCM Code ECC25) Part 2 of the Regulations amend the retained version of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 regarding the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Part 3 of the Regulations sets to amend two Commission Implementing Regulations made under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. […]

Legal Updates- Environmental Compliance Journal

June 2021 Legal Updates

9 July 2021  |  Legal Updates  |  Green Element

Section 42 of the Finance Act 1996 Amendments (Landfill Tax) The amendment to the Section 42 implements new rates covering the disposal of waste to landfill. Material sent to landfill Rates from April 1st 2020 Rates from April 1st 2021 Standard Rated £94.15 per tonne £96.70 per tonne Lower Rated £3.00 per tonne £3.10 per […]

Legal Updates- Environmental Compliance Journal

Supporting adults with learning disabilities

2 July 2021  |  Charities & Pro Bono Work  |  Alex Cronin

Share is a social enterprise and charity in London, providing training and employment support for disabled people. A volunteer befriender offers support and friendship to adults with learning disabilities, autism, or any kind of physical or sensory disability, and mental health needs. I’ve volunteered with Share over the last few years while working at Green Element. In December […]

Alex Cronin supports adults with learning disabilities

Refurbishing IT equipment to empower disadvantaged communities in Africa: the exceptional work of The Turing Trust

12 May 2021  |  Charities & Pro Bono Work  |  Cristina Canela

IT equipment waste, referred to as e-waste or WEEE, is rapidly growing nowadays, becoming one of the fastest growing waste streams worldwide. According to Statista, approximately 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste was produced in 2019. In just five years, this had increased by 44 million metric tons per year and only 17.4% of this […]

Insightful, inclusive, and fun – Internship experience at Green Element

7 May 2021  |  Business  |  Green Element

We are both masters’ students at King’s College London and, as part of our course, we were offered the opportunity to undertake an internship at a business in the environmental industry. We luckily got selected by Green Element, an environmental management consultancy based in London and Edinburgh. We started work in January 2021 but it is now May and we thought it would be nice to […]

Internship experience

Ecosystem Services: applying the concept to the environmental crisis (Part II)

21 April 2021  |  Sustainability  |  Green Element

By Kyoko Yamafuji and Madeleine Woods Since its introduction, the term “ecosystem services” has come to play a central role in environmental management, becoming somewhat of a catch-phrase when people discuss nature whether it be in the context of exploitation or restoration. The concept simplifies nature into a form that can be better understood by communicating it […]

Ecosystem Services concept

Ecosystem Services: the fundamentals (Part I)

8 April 2021  |  Sustainability  |  Green Element

By Kyoko Yamafuji and Madeleine Woods “The benefits human populations derive, directly or indirectly, from ecosystem functions”. Constanza et al. (1997). “The capacity of natural processes and components to provide goods and services that satisfy human needs, directly or indirectly”. de Groot et al., (2002).  “Components of nature, directly enjoyed, consumed, or used to yield human well-being” . […]

Ecosystem Services

April 2021 Legal Updates

7 April 2021  |  Legal Updates  |  Green Element

This month the following pieces of legislation have been changed or altered: The Climate Change (Interim Emissions Targets) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 The regulations covered here relate to the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions associated with Wales, and require Welsh Ministers to meet certain reduction targets. Section 29 stipulates that Welsh net emissions must be at […]

Legal Updates- Environmental Compliance Journal

The Junk Food Project: the impact of food waste

30 March 2021  |  Charities & Pro Bono Work  |  Sarah Pearl

A third of food produced globally is wasted and never reaches the dining room table. This has a huge environmental impact. The land required to grow all the food that we waste is larger than the size of China. Not to mention the water waste which is the equivalent of a year’s flow of the […]

Junk Food

How to improve business’ resilience to Climate Change: the benefits of ISO 14090 framework

19 March 2021  |  Environmental Management  |  Alex Walsh

The symptomatic effects of our changing climate have become far more pronounced since the turn of the century. Extreme weather events have become more common, drought periods more pronounce, and sea-level rises more dangerous. Changes in air quality are producing greater human health implications. Businesses are also suffering disruptions to their value chains, and the […]

ISO 14090 framework for business' resilience
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