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We're proud to have helped over 120 organisations improve their environmental impact and social responsibility, from small to medium and large-sized businesses across a wide range of industries, through bespoke sustainability solutions and full support.

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At Green Element, we believe that collaboration is the key to achieve real sustainability in the world. Individuality is a concept that does not fit with us as we envisage the present and the future of sustainability as collaborative space between all the business workforce. We need to work together to solve as one the issues affecting our planet.

We’d love for you to join us in our collaborative vision of the future by developing together a true and transparent partnership. Find out how we can build a strong alliance between your organisation and ours by booking a consultation with our CEO, Will Richardson.

We’re very looking forward to hearing from you!

Our current partners

Red-Inc Logo


Red-Inc is at the forefront of change in their sector and are award winners in the sustainability arena. They patiently created a new purpose-driven business model, one that considers the impact they have and the triple bottom line; Planet, people and profit.

Customers and Partners

The Planet Mark

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification which recognises continuous improvements, encourages action, and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals.

Energy Lab Logo

Energy Lab

Energylab is a dynamic business offering intelligent technical, energy and building services engineering consultancy. Our vision is to deliver efficient and flexible environments which are engineered to help people work in an sustainable, effective and collaborative way.

Pulse Environmental

Founded on more than 40 years of industry experience, Pulse Environmental are a leading waste management and recycling service provider in Greater London.

Kin & Co

Kin&Co is a disruptive change management consultancy that specialises in transforming hearts and minds (before processes and systems). Agile, adaptable, resilient and inclusive, they represent the next-generation way of working and (with a purpose of making every organisation work for the world) help their clients to do the same.

Bruce Bratley - First Mile Logo

First Mile

First Mile delivers circular economy impact services to 27,000 businesses.

Save money, recycle more, and send nothing to landfill.

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