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Equipping organisations to work towards a sustainable future

Green Element story

Green Element was born to put sustainability at the heart of as many organisations as possible.

To tell the story of Green Element, we need to travel 20 years back in time. Will Richardson, the founder and CEO, had travelled around the world and saw first-hand the impacts of climate change. After working for a variety of different businesses, he made a life-changing decision: to dedicate his life to contribute towards a sustainable future for the generations to come.

The Green Element team has helped over 120 organisations become more sustainable through the hard work and passion of everyone involved, The story of Green Element has been built by every individual, like-minded professional and employee, client, and partner that we have has the pleasure to work with.

This is a journey of commitment, genuine care for our environment, and forward-thinking environmental management. Become a part of our journey, so we can help you on yours.

Why working with us?

Supportive team

We are an experienced and reliable team of environmental and climate experts who are striving for a real change for our planet. We love helping businesses become more sustainable and get ready for the future.

Green Element team- personal approach

Personal approach

Green Element act as an extension of your team to help you achieve your sustainability ambitions. We know every business has different needs, so we offer a personal and bespoke approach to each one of you.

Sharing Knowledge - Green Element

Sharing our Knowledge

We invest in developing the means by which a sustainable environmental business solution can be found. We offer both free resources and relevant courses through our Academy to help you learn how to manage your own environmental impact.

Community lovers - Green Element

Community lovers

We believe in working with all interested parties including local and international communities in order to spread awareness of the impact of climate change. We want to tackle the climate crisis together!

Forward thinking - Green Element

Forward thinking

The ability to maintain sustainable development and avoid depletion of natural resources is constantly changing and so do we! Researching and upskilling ourselves is part of our day-to-day and that reflects on what we can do for you.

Practice what we preach - Green Element

Practise what we preach

We are proud to be a B Corp business and have developed our own Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System. Every one of us is committed to the pursuit of global environmental policy.

The values we stand for

B Corp certified - Green Element

We are a B Corporation

We were one of the first B Corps to become certified in the UK. Through meeting a set of rigorous criteria, we demonstrates tangible support for the pioneering global #Bthechange movement: driving people to use business as a force for good.

Committed to helping others

All our staff members spend one day a month working pro bono for registered charities of their choice. We’re passionate about alleviating social injustice, and we take our social responsibilities seriously: supporting low-income customers.

Living Wage Employer - Green Element

Living Wage employer

We are part of the Living Wage movement, guaranteeing that any person employed by us is paid above the Living Wage: we believe everyone can afford to help others have a decent quality of life. Any temporary staff and suppliers are also paid fairly.

Our impact and commitments

Business Declares is the fast-growing network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Our work is based on a commitment to support businesses to measure and therefore manage their relationship with the environment. We are fully committed to operating as sustainably as possible and are proud to be a B Corp. We add our voice to this collective and resounding call for change and an urgent acceleration of climate action.

Our team

Will Richardson

Founder and CEO

Founder and Managing Director William established Green Element in 2004 with a desire to help as many businesses as possible go ‘green’. A pioneer and early adopter of many now-mandatory environmental standards, his visionary approach and inspiring leadership is exemplary. His podcast is constantly featured in the top of the eco podcasts. He is also a current board member and Chairman of the British Kitesports Association; the NG.

Will loves to snowboard and kitesurf. Back in 2000 be spent a year in Chile setting up a restaurant in a ski resort. He loved to spend his pre Green Element and Compare Your Footprint years doing lots of different jobs; from truck driving in Thailand, as a warehouse stacker in Australia to being a motorbike courier in London.

Emma Littlewood


Working across all parts of the business, Emma designs analytical models and tools to enable calculation of sustainability performance indicators including climate change risk, greenhouse gas emissions, science-based targets, benchmarking and predictive energy curves. Emma designed Compare Your Footprint and develops new features and functionality for the online carbon footprinting and benchmarking tool.

Emma once got the sack from a restaurant for pouring a bottle of red wine over a customer’s mink coat. On purpose.

Alex Cronin

Senior Environmental Management Consultant

Alex manages projects for clients looking to review and reduce their environmental impact through environmental management systems, carbon footprinting, energy management and supplier engagement. He has worked with organisations across sectors including legal, marketing, food & beverage, construction and higher education.

My favourite activity is surfing and I’ve been lucky enough to do it in 12 different countries.

Alicia Thew

Senior Climate Analyst

Alicia is part of the climate analysis team, working with clients to calculate their carbon footprint and quantify their environmental impact to inform sustainability strategy. Alicia also helps businesses to conduct life cycle analysis studies into specific products to assess the carbon impact throughout their life and how this can be reduced. Alicia has worked with clients in the food and beverage, apparel, construction, packaging, retail and professional services sectors.

Alicia spent a year at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales where she had to walk through a field of cows to get to work every day.

Alex Walsh

Environmental Management Consultant

Alex works closely with clients to help reduce their environmental impact, primarily through the implementation of Environmental Management Systems, Carbon Footprinting and Supplier Engagement. Alex enjoys supporting staff engagement and education through lunch and learns, workshops and the management of our Sustainability Solved platform.

Alex once turned down a free trip to New York after a competition win as he was too scared to go on a helicopter tour.

Michael Barnes

Junior Climate Analyst

Michael calculates businesses’ carbon footprints and product life cycle analyses as part of the climate analysis team. This work aims to reduce clients’ carbon emissions of the operations and supply chains. Michael has a background in Biology which contributes to his analytical skills.

Michael spent the first 3 weeks of lockdown stranded in the Amazon jungle before being repatriated.

Ellie Monks

Climate Analyst

As part of the climate analysis team, Ellie helps organisations understand their environmental impacts by calculating carbon footprints, product life cycle analyses, and providing tailored recommendations for reduction. Ellie also works closely with the Compare Your Footprint team, helping guide and empower organisations to monitor their own carbon footprints.

Ellie loves to try all sorts of new and quirky activities; name the activity and she will be keen. She came 3rd in her school talent show for doing the rubiks cube whilst hula hooping!

Madeleine Woods

Junior Environmental Consultant

Working within the consulting team, Madeleine helps businesses limit their environmental impact by implementing environmental management systems, quantifying their carbon footprints, as well as providing advice and support to shape their wider environmental policy.

How about 'Madeleine once went extreme white water rafting with her Grandmother - she was 79! Luckily both lived to tell the tale!

Naomi Cohen

Senior Manager

Naomi has joined the GE team to support clients on their journey to implement an environmental management system, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall environmental performance. She comes from a legal background with environmental expertise, working with commercial clients from a variety of industry sectors. She also specialises in resource and waste management, focussing on waste prevention and minimisation, resource efficiency and productivity, with the aim of moving from linear to more circular consumption models.

Naomi is a waste geek, a grandma, and a Goju Ryu karate back belt.

Kioko Yamafuji

Junior Climate Analyst

Kyoko is a member of the Climate Analysis Team, working with clients to optimise their environmental sustainability and management strategies through measuring their carbon footprints and conducting product lifecycle analyses.

Sebastian Howarth

Customer Relationship Manager

Seb bridges one of the gaps between Compare Your Footprint and Green Element. His focus crosses between sustainable consulting and customer success supporting clients through their journeys. Seb really enjoys guiding and empowering organisations to monitor and reduce their own footprints towards the goal of building a slightly cleaner fairer world for all life.

Once upon a time, Seb cycled from Cambridge to North Cape in Norway (nearly).

Thomas Mein

Business Development and Sales Executive

Thomas helps organisations by getting to the heart of their drivers behind sustainability. Through this Thomas works to find the best solutions for them as they look to begin or further their sustainability efforts, providing lasting benefits for both our planet and business.

Thomas once cycled over 100 miles from dusk until dawn over Scotland’s west coast, simultaneously loving every minute and being eaten alive by midges.

Georgie Evans

Team Administrator

Georgie Evans supports clients along their sustainability journey and assists colleagues with administrative duties. She has previously worked for several charities, ranging from medicine to education, and has experience in renewable transport.

She loves painting, being outdoors, and seeing live music. She is also currently learning Portuguese!

Ailsa Colquhoun

Academy and Engagement Manager

Ailsa develops the content for the Green Element training academy, podcast and manages Sustainability Solved – our online community for sustainability professionals. Ailsa has a background in engagement and business development and is passionate about getting people interested in sustainable development both professionally and personally.

Over the course of three years, she transformed her derelict communal garden into a wildlife friendly garden complete with insect logs, wildflowers and a vegetable patch.

Cristina Canela

Digital Marketing Executive

Cristina coordinates the digital marketing team with a view to raising awareness of Green Element and how we help businesses become more sustainable. Cristina focuses on strategy, analysis, and design and runs the website to make it an interactive tool for like-minded professionals and individuals who are keen to start their journeys towards sustainability.

As a former journalist, once she had to broadcast live on national radio having only 5 min to prep. Fortunately, it went well.

Laura Goldie

Content Marketing Executive

Laura focuses on engaging with business leaders and like-minded professionals through social media and coordinating the sustainability solved community to help businesses become more environmentally minded.

Laura loves to play the drums.

Liberty Bollen

Head of Marketing at Green Element and Compare Your Footprint

Liberty went undercover as a tourist to help a charity expose illegal fishing activities in Italy. During this time, she had to patrol fishing ports with two pretend husbands and a daughter (not all at the same time of course).

Liberty helps to empower organisations to measure and monitor their own carbon footprint. She does this by raising awareness of our online carbon calculator and benchmarking tool, Compare Your Footprint, and supports clients through the process.
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