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Environmental and Sustainability ebooks

Download free our Environmental and Sustainability ebooks

We have compiled our over 15 years of experience in sustainability into a wide range of easily downloadable e-books in order to help you lead your organisation towards a more sustainable business model. Have a look at the different categories below and start learning about sustainability today!

Environmental Management ebooks

Environmental Management System Guide - Guide cover

Environmental Management System Guide for Businesses

What is an Environmental Management System? How does it work? What can an EMS do for your business? All the answers on this complete EMS Guide.

Environmental Coaching Programme

Environmental Coaching Programme e-book

Learn about our bespoke coaching program to help you launch your very own environmental Management system. With Green Element Coaching Programme we’ll provide you with all the templates and guidance needed for you to create, manage and maintain your EMS.

Sustainability Impact Assessment for SMEs eBook cover

Sustainability Impact Assessment for SMEs

A Sustainability Impact Assessment is when one of our experienced consultants assesses your entire organisation’s environmental impact. We’ll provide you with your carbon footprint and recommendations to help you on your sustainability journey. Read this e-book to find out more.

Carbon Footprinting ebooks

Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting eBook

Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Discover what it is required to comply with SECR – a sustainability regulation that requires organisations to publicly report on carbon emissions and energy use.

Carbon Footprinting Handbook

Carbon Footprinting Handbook

Understanding what is carbon footprinting and how is broken down into scope 1, 2 and 3 on this easily downloadable ebook. Get access now!

Sustainable Business Travel eBook cover

Sustainable Business Travel

Business travel contributes significantly to most organisation’s carbon footprints. Find out ways to reduce it and follow our steps to create a sustainable business policy.

Science Based Targets eBook

Science Based Targets

Science-based Targets allow your organisation to set targets in line with the latest climate change findings. Learn what are the benefits and how to get started.

General Environmental Knowledge ebooks

Green Economy

The rise in global temperatures makes us look at the Circular Economy in order to consider the end of life process of items being manufactured.

Staff Engagement through behaviour change eBook cover

Staff Engagement Through Behaviour Change

Changes however small can make a huge difference. In your office this may be: ‘removing under-desk bins,’ ‘getting staff to switch off lights and their monitors at the end of the day,’ or ‘encouraging staff to cycle/walk to work.’ Read this e-book to gain some top tips on initiating change and enabling staff engagement.

Recycling and Waste Management

When you discard your plastic bottle in the office recycling bin, have you ever wondered where it ends up? this E-book will describe the recycling process to you and highlight some top tips for your business improve your waste and recycling scheme.

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