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The coaching programme that will take you on a journey to become an environmental leader for your organisation

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How the Environmental Coaching Programme can help you?

The devastating effects of climate change and environmental degradation are catalysing organisations to take urgent action to operate sustainably. Our sustainability training helps to create sustainability champions within your organisation.

The environmental programme’s objective is to provide you and your organisation with an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is suitable for measuring and reducing your organisation’s environmental impacts.

The structure of your EMS is the key to successfully meeting your targets. Setting your goals and targets is a vital first step to help you understand what positive environmental practices, if any, you already have in place and in which areas you wish to improve.

Once you have successfully put together a robust EMS, it’s time to communicate your progress. Sharing your strategy and progress against your targets with your colleagues, clients and management is an important step. We will help you to effectively communicate your achievements and engage your stakeholders.

We have two decades worth of experience helping organisations to become more sustainable. This has helped us to develop this proven methodology. Your organisation will change more positively and reduce its environmental impact more significantly by embracing and using a team of internal sustainability champions.

Private access to a coaching space

The Green Element Environmental Coaching Programme offers free access to a private ‘coaching space’ in which you can talk directly to us, get extra materials and resources for your course, ask for help, propose topics and suggestions, and interact with everyone enrolled in the coaching programme.

What is within the course and how is delivered?

Every week Green Element hosts 4 coaching calls. You have unlimited access to these sessions. You are free to join as many of them or as few of them as you wish for the full length of the programme. Work your way through the following modules at your own pace. Remember: help is always at hand on the private Coaching Community Space and via our coaching calls.

Phase 1

Know your numbers

When considering data gathering you can be feeling left overwhelmed about the many data dilemmas. However, our easy steps will transform the process, leaving you feeling in control. We will provide you with the templates needed not only to input data but to collect data from suppliers and contractors.

Phase 2

Setting Targets and goals

Where are you at now and where do you want to be? Once phase one is completed, it is time to review what you would like to achieve going forwards. Using the data you have analysed, you can set your goals and targets.

Phase 3

Structuring your EMS

It can be hard to know where to start to implement your Environmental Management System. The best way to structure your EMS is in line with the clauses, so it is key to be methodical and organised. We will help your structure and implement your EMS the whole way.

Phase 4

Communicating your strategy

Communicating your hard work is key to making a successful EMS. To engage with your team and stakeholders with your environmental purpose may be daunting but we will show you the steps to make people feel aligned with the green journey you have embarked yourself.


About the programme

The Green Element Coaching Programme is delivered online so you can work your way through at your own pace. Each phase contains a series of videos that will guide you through the steps to implement your Environmental Management System. The programme also offers additional support by the Green Element team who hosts 4 coaching calls every week to which you will have unlimited access. REMEMBER: Help will be always at hand on the coaching community space.

How much does it cost?

Payment Fee

The Coaching Programme has a £3,000 upfront payment fee. Once you have secured your place in the course, you will be given access to all materials, modules and support.

Monthly Payment

The course has a subscription fee of £299 per month. You can stay enrolled for as long as you need, being 2 years the proven period to become the environmental leader you want to be within your organisation.

What are the next steps?

Download our e-book

If you want to find out more about what our Environmental Coaching Programme can offer you: benefits of implementing an EMS, the tools you will be given to implementing it, and how we will be helping you in your journey to sustainability, download free our Coaching Programme e-book.

Book an appointment

Whether it is the first time that you consider to become an environmental management leader or not, you may need to talk things through before making such a decision. We are here to help you understand the many benefits of doing so, not only for our planet but for your organisation. Book a meeting to solve your questions with us.

Secure your place on our course

Our proven methodology will help to take ownership of the environmental management within your organisation. You will master all the aspects involved within an EMS, allowing you to run your organisation sustainably. Be ready for the sustainable revolution in which more and more businesses are now taking part of.

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