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Is nuclear fusion the answer we have all been waiting for?

10 June 2020  |  Energy  |  Sarah Pearl

The history It all began in 1920, when an astrophysicist from England named Arthur Stanley Eddington, wrote an essay called “The Internal Constitution of the Stars.” In this piece of literature Eddington referred to stars as being ‘vast reservoirs of energy,’ a resource that one day could be harnessed. While, the science behind much of our […]

Nuclear Fusion

How green are London landmarks?

26 July 2019  |  Energy  |  Sarah Pearl

Today we are very lucky to have a guest blogger on our website. Ruby Clarkson is a freelance writer who is passionate about our planet and the animals that we share it with. When she is not writing, she is either out in the garden or wrapped up in a blanket with a good book. […]

Green London Landmarks

ESOS Lead Assessor

7 August 2018  |  Energy  |  Emma Littlewood

Welcome to Green Element’s ESOS Phase 2 Made Easy Guide by our own ESOS Lead Assessor. Participants who expect to qualify for Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase 2 should consider starting their Energy Audit Program and find an ESOS Lead Assessor as early as possible to ensure they take full advantage of the time provided […]

Efficient energy saving for businesses with ISO 50001

29 June 2018  |  Energy  |  Alex Cronin

The updated version of the Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018 is due to be released at the end of this year. This energy management system framework allows your business to achieve energy savings while improving your operational efficiencies. ISO 50001 is a framework that sets out a systematic approach for the improvement of energy performance […]

What are the MEES Regulations and what do they mean for me?

18 May 2018  |  Energy  |  Alex Cronin

The United Kingdom has committed to reducing emissions by 2050 to 100% based on a 1990 baseline. Currently, the carbon budget targets have been met, but for the UK to continue to improve and meet the 2050 target, more strict regulation has been implemented by the Government. As around 40% of the UK’s energy consumption […]

Futureproofing Energy Event CLEMG

25 April 2018  |  Energy  |  Emma Littlewood

Two Green Element staff went along to the CLEMG (Central London Energy Management Group) event Futureproofing Energy in central London on April 17th 2018. We were treated to a series of short presentations from a dynamic group of energy professionals from different specialisms across the energy management spectrum. ISO 50001:2018 Revision We heard from Martin […]

Futureproofing Energy Event

ESOS Phase 2 – What do I need to know?

16 March 2018  |  Energy  |  Cristina Canela

ESOS, or the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a mandatory energy assessment for UK businesses that meet the relevant criteria. The window for Phase 2 is now open, and it is time for organisations to start planning. Businesses who have the ISO 50001 certification across all of their services are automatically compliant with ESOS Phase […]

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

A quick guide to electricity

13 November 2017  |  Energy  |  francis

What is Electricity? Electricity is everywhere; it is a fundamental form of energy. But what exactly is it? The answer to this is not so straightforward; but in the most simplistic sense, it is the flow of electrons. Electrons are one of the components within atoms, which are found in all matter – these contain […]

Energy Savings Opportunity

Why Solar is Always a Good Investment for Your Business

7 January 2016  |  Energy  |  Green Element

This blog was written by a guest blogger – Erin Vaughan Dipping your toe into solar power can be intimidating. With the kind of investment you’ll have to make, you want to be sure that you buy the exact right system, and that you won’t be throwing good money after bad. If you’re a business […]

Solar Investment

IT virtualisation: from comms room to green room

24 August 2015  |  Business  |  francis

If you work in IT then you have probably heard of server Virtualisation; it’s everywhere! For those who don’t know, IT virtualisation is a technology which allows us to take what would be many separate physical servers (often called boxes or hosts) and run them on just one physical server. By taking a computer and […]

IT virtualisation
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