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Charity Diaries

The Green Element team is committed to helping others. We spend one day a month working pro bono for registered charities we have chosen personally to help alleviate injustice and contribute to build a better world for us all.

Latest Charity Diaries

Supporting adults with learning disabilities

Alex Cronin

Share is a social enterprise and charity in London, providing training and employment support for disabled people. A volunteer befriender offers support and friendship to adults with learning disabilities, autism, or any kind of physical or sensory disability, and mental health needs.

Refurbishing IT equipment to empower communities in Africa

Cristina Canela

IT equipment waste, referred to as e-waste or WEEE, is rapidly growing nowadays, becoming one of the fastest growing waste streams worldwide. According to Statista, approximately 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste was produced in 2019…

The Junk Food Project: the impact of food waste

Sarah Pearl

A third of food produced globally is wasted and never reaches the dining room table. This has a huge environmental impact. The land required to grow all the food that we waste is larger than the size of China.

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