The 5th of June marked World Environment Day celebrated in no fewer than 100 countries around the globe. It is organised by the United Nations to raise awareness about protecting our planet.

This year the theme was air pollution. Something that poses a serious threat not only to the environment but to human health, with 9,000 deaths per year being related to air pollution.

9 out of 10 people breath in polluted air. To combat this the mask challenge has been organised. This encourages people, organisations and businesses to make pledges to combat pollution.

As part of this Green Element has made three pledges, which we would like to announce:

  1. ‘To shop more sustainably – going to charity shops, purchasing Eco products and bringing our own containers to zero waste shops’
  2. ‘To walk to our meetings in London, rain or shine’
  3. ‘To grow our own vegetables and herbs this summer’

Also as part of World Environment Day Green Element hosted a fun-filled, thought-provoking, informative day for students and staff at Regent’s University London. We planted anti-pollutant herbs and flowers as well as making more wonderful pledges (to contribute to the mask challenge).

During the day we had inspiring conversations with participants and got a great response on our environmental quiz, finding out that most people take public transport or walk to get to University.

 Here are the answers to our quiz:

Q1: How many deaths in London per year can be attributed to poor air quality?


Q2: You experience a higher level of exposure travelling in a car or bus than walking the same route.


Q3: Walking on the building side of the footpath as far away from the road as possible can reduce air pollution exposure up to…


Q4: In London 50% of pollution comes from traffic.


After a successful event, that evening Nidhee in the Green Element team went litter picking along the canal in London. She walked from Kings Cross to Angel collecting waste that had been discarded on the footpath. Passers-by stopped for friendly conversations about World Environment Day. Things found were; cans, bottles, polystyrene and even a syringe. Pret very kindly gave Nidhee and her friend gloves to wear. 

What did everyone else get up to this World Environment Day? Feel free to share on our Facebook Page.

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