What we do now, and in the next few years, will profoundly affect the next few thousand years” David Attenborough

We at Green Element are looking forward to joining millions around the world on Friday 20th of September for the Global Climate Strike to continue the call for immediate action on a global scale ahead of the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit in New York. For us it is a show of support after witnessing school children leading by example each Friday and Extinction Rebellion attracting attention through disruption in a way never before seen for this cause over the past year.

When working with our clients, we have experienced a huge surge in individuals taking action to live more sustainably and a desire to mobilise as a group to demand society wide change. We want our Government and world leaders to implement plans to guide our transition to a net-zero economy and businesses to operate driven by purpose over strictly profit.

A climate emergency has been declared in the UK, and was the first major economy to set a target for net-zero emissions, but a huge shift needs to take place to keep global warming below 1.5oC. The chance is here to solidify our position as a global leader especially with the recent announcement that COP26, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s most important annual event will be held in Glasgow during November 2020.

We will be attending the Global Climate Strike in London at Millbank SW1P 3JA 11am, please join us if you are able. For anyone else looking to be involved this week around the country search for an event organised by your local group.


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