Taking care of the environment that we live in is becoming an ever-increasing topic of priority. Many people are employing more environmentally-friendly practices in their homes, from green products to recycling & saving water. Many businesses are also now taking the initiative by considering the impact that their work has on the environment & how to minimise this impact. This goes hand in hand with increasing efficiency, reducing costs and creating a happy workforce.

So, what are the potential consequences for businesses which are yet to consider their environmental impact? And how can we encourage businesses to do so?

Carbon Footprint

Whatever industry you’re in, businesses require large volumes of energy and resources, e.g. water & paper, in order to run. Whether it is heating & lighting an office, powering a fleet of vans or producing products in factories. In 2018 the UK alone was estimated to have emitted 364.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This figure will only be reduced if businesses and individuals learn to employ more carbon efficient practices in the workplace and at home, e.g. switching to renewable energy.


A considerable sum of the energy & resources that are used in businesses can easily be wasted. The mindless consumption of energy, paper, water etc. can be a symptom of habit or a prerequisite of saving time in pressured workplaces. However, the wastage of resources is not only environmentally damaging but also expensive!

With some thought and legwork around the ways of becoming more environmentally conscious, there are rich cost savings to be had in terms of cutting utility bills & consumables. Ignoring how much & what is wasted in businesses reduces overall efficiency & provides no benefit to the environment.


As the profile of conserving our planet is rising in the media, sustainability is shooting to the top of people’s priorities. The movement is gaining traction & more companies are leading the way in reducing their impact. As this happens, environmentally conscious consumers and businesses will only want to be affiliated with other businesses that are managing their environmental impact.

Ignoring the impact of your business on the environment may therefore lead to fewer clients & connections as reputation is damaged. Additionally, as society becomes more aware of the harm that we are doing to the planet, so does our desire to work for a business that shares our views. By not considering your environmental impact, you therefore risk reducing your talent pool as well.

There are several implications of running a business that doesn’t consider the environment. The implications are only increasing as awareness grows of the damage that we are inflicting. On the flip side, there are several benefits to be had from implementing sustainable practices in the workplace. Therefore, it is well worth considering the changes that can be made to make business better for the environment, employees and society.

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