The Smiley Movement is a not for profit organisation sponsored by a retail company called Smiley. They put on events for people to attend free of charge in order to tackle big issues in society and raise awareness.

On Wednesday evening they hosted an event named ‘The Road to Net Zero,’ where various organisations spoke and answered questions on a panel.  Questions asked surrounded what we can do to combat climate change? How can we get involved? And what needs to happen next?

We heard from the campaign’s director at the climate coalition (who bring together different organisations and individuals to tackle climate change).

They spoke about recent political affairs and how Boris sacking the lead on COP 26 Claire O’Neill has actually raised awareness of COP 26 and now most people know what COP 26 actually is. They were of the stance that the government needs to facilitate change. Home retrofitting is costly and difficult to implement. There needs to be tariffs and tax incentives to help us move forwards.

We heard from Plastic Oceans who are a change platform. The explained how plastics hitting the media after Blue Planet had served as a hook for individuals caring about the environment, species and consequently climate change. They described the plastics phenomenon as a gateway. I hope they are right, and it isn’t a distraction tactic away from tackling climate change.

Circular economy club spoke about how you can become a member with them and host events. Similarly Friends of the Earth advised us on how to set up campaigns and start action groups through their online resources.

Extinction Rebellion also spoke on the panel explaining their ethos and their desire to initiate systemic change. While they don’t necessarily create solutions they make the space for other to step in by pressuring governments. 

Share your thoughts on how we are going to reach net zero on our Facebook page or contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you!

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