Multiple bins and different plastics cause confusion over recycling. However, recycling for businesses not only reduces our impact on the planet but offers savings and benefits to business as well. Use our top tips to make recycling for businesses simple and enjoy a more sustainable future.

Protecting the Planet

The less that is recycled, the more that we need to grow, harvest and extract from the natural world. These processes often have harmful effects on the environment: deforestation, erosion and harmful waste. Some of the most easily recycled materials can seriously damage the environment when made from new.

  • Trees to make paper are a valuable carbon sink, their deforestation can also result in erosion, leading to flooding.
  • Plastics are made from fossil fuel hydrocarbons, their refinement emits harmful greenhouse gases.
  • Sand is the most consumed natural resource in the world and is the key ingredient in glass.

Making new products from recycled materials requires less energy than making products from raw materials. For example, using recycled aluminium takes up to 95% less energy compared to creating new. Less energy means less carbon dioxide and other harmful GHGs entering the atmosphere

Recycling for Businesses

Why is good? Firstly, it is likely to save businesses money on their overall waste disposal. Besides, as much of your waste as possible it cuts costs on landfill taxes and waste disposal gate fees too. The amount of waste that can’t be recycled will be much smaller and collected less frequently, reducing fees.

Secondly, showing your commitment to sustainability by recycling as a business is great for reputation. The current threat to the environment caused by unsustainable living is widely acknowledged. Therefore, it has never been more important to show clients, staff, investors and the public the measures you are taking to be more eco-friendly.

Thirdly, recycling is also a great way to boost morale in your team. People enjoy being part of a positive culture. In regards to that, recycling provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Many of us recycle at home and so greatly appreciate the opportunity to be more green in the office as well. Green teams are a great way to pioneer workplace recycling and drive staff engagement.

Top Tips

  1. Remove under desk bins.
  2. Install clear & separate bins for plastics, glass and paper.
  3. Rinse empty food containers before recycling.
  4. Squash bottles so that they take up less space.
  5. Replace caps on bottles and cartons.
  6. Check the plastic type can be recycled (look for the symbol above).
  7. Recycle plastic film and bags at the supermarket.

How We Can Help

At Green Element we are passionate about helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow towards a more sustainable future. For advice about recycling for business and how we can work with you, please get in touch.