May 2016 Legal Updates


Monthly Legislation Update


The Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 were approved on March 15th this year. There were a number of changes but we believe the most relevant is Regulation 7A which brings the EPB Regulations in line with the Building Regulations 2010. The regulation only applies where a building is erected or modified so that areas are designed or altered for separate use and includes the provision or extension of any of the fixed services for heating, hot water, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation. On completion, the person carrying out the building work must give an energy performance certificate for the building to the owner of the building within five days after the building work has been completed. It is worth asking for this in advance and if you are unsure as to whether you need it, speak to your contractors. The person completing the work will also need to notify the local authority and include in that notice the reference number under which the energy performance certificate has been registered, in accordance with regulation 27(4), except in the case of an energy performance certificate being issued under regulation 9A.




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