The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has come on by leaps and bounds since Green Element’s initial site audit in July.

In just six months the charity has changed all their lights to energy efficient LEDs, removed under desk bins and introduced centralised recycling bins, changed to a 100% renewable energy tariff, formed a green team, hosted a sustainability week, removed all single use plastic cups, procured sustainable coffee, toilet roll and stationery.

If this wasn’t enough, they have also got their board to sign their brand-new environmental policy. This will all go a long way in helping them to achieve their well-deserved ISO 14001 certification” 

Sarah Pearl, Sustainability Consultant at Green Element.

Six months ago:

Sarah visited IWF in July 2019. While on site she conducted a site audit, training sessions, green team meetings and produced a sustainability action plan, as well as carbon footprint.

This month:

Sarah visited IWF to track their progress. She was delighted to see all her recommendations being followed.

IWF had come a long way, all their hard work was evident.

Energy efficiency had been achieved through the following measures:

  • Aircons and heaters had all been set on appropriate timers (coming on only when the office is occupied)
  • Staff were encouraged to switch off monitors every evening. This was done with a monitor fairy
  • Smarter Business had helped IWF switch to a renewable energy tariff
  • All lights had been retrofitted with LEDs
  • All kettles had been removed and replaced with hot water taps

The waste and recycling scheme had improved:

  • Under desk bins had been removed
  • Food waste collections were being arranged by a member of staff in a Bekasha food waste bin
  • Signage had improved greatly
  • Contamination levels had decreased

Sustainable procurement had been focused on:

  • Toilet roll and paper towels are now all made from recycled paper
  • Coffee is Fairtrade
  • Dairy milk alternatives are available to staff

Staff engagement:

  • The Green Team continued to meet and arranged a successful sustainability week
  • During the staff engagement week there was a vegan bake off, swap shop for clothes, environmental quiz, education on recycling, free branded water bottles for staff and much more (see the plan for what went on).

Are you interested to find out how your organisation could follow suit get in touch with Green Element today…


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