The 3rd of December marks International Disability Day which has been celebrated around the world since 1992. This year the theme is: ‘Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda.’ This is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN to be achieved in 2030.

On International Disability Day, we encourage all to consider accessibility within your organisation. Creating an inclusive workplace is in line with the global sustainability goals.

With many places claiming to be ‘accessible’ but indeed not being it is important to think about what accessibility means to you and your organisation. For example, does your office have wheelchair access? Are transport links to your office wheelchair friendly? Could you consider flexible working options?

At Green Element we are lucky enough to be a Bcorp meaning we have one day a month each to volunteer at a charity of our choice. Alex and I volunteer at charity colleges for young adults with learning difficulties. I also volunteer at Back Up Trust (charity for people with spinal cord injuries).

We would like to highlight the amazing work these charities do and encourage others to get involved.

What is your organisation doing for International Disability Day?

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Keen to keep the discussion going contact Green Element here.

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