How will The Guardian achieve net zero emissions by 2030?

Green Element will help The Guardian to assess their carbon footprint and implement a plan to achieve their inspiring target of net zero by 2030.

The Guardian understands that the climate crisis is the most urgent issue of our time. This is demonstrated by the leading role they have played reporting on the climate and environmental crises. By committing to this pledge The Guardian continue to show that they are pioneers in their field for addressing the environmental issues.

Green Element will be helping The Guardian to carry out a full audit of their emissions. Our help will enable them to make real reductions to their carbon footprint. Because we at Green Element have over 14 years’ experience helping businesses to become more sustainable we are delighted to use our expertise to help The Guardian achieve its’ inspiring target.

The Guardian will ensure transparency and accountability throughout the process by acquiring BCorp certification. BCorps are businesses committed to use profits to positively impact their employees, communities and the environment. The Guardian is joining over 3,000 BCorps worldwide, including Green Element, that are dedicated to driving positive change.  

Read more about The Guardian’s pledge here

If you would like to follow suit contact us at Green Element here.

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