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How can SMEs become more sustainable?

4 November 2019  |  Sustainability  |  Will Richardson  |  Leave a comment

What is a SME Sustainability Impact Assessment?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can find it particularly difficult to assess and reduce their environmental impact due to lack of resources, money and expertise. Green Element understands these obstacles and has created a package designed to make sustainability simple for SMEs.

What are the benefits of Green Element’s SME Sustainability Impact Assessment?

  • Analyses environmental impact and provides you with a structure to measure and report on reductions
  • Sets your environmental objectives and targets and helps you to meet them
  • Ensures employees’ environmental awareness and competence
  • Improves your reputation and brand within the environmental world and your sector
  • Saves money
  • Helps you adhere to supply chain and legal requirements

There are lots of benefits to becoming a more environmental business. To make these benefits available to SMEs we have developed our Sustainability Impact Assessment. We will look at your entire operation and develop a sustainability action plan designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

Your organisation will gain:

  • A tailored sustainability action plan
  • Templates for monitoring data
  • An environmental policy
  • Training materials (presentations and documents)
  • Compare Your Footprint carbon report for Scope 1 and 2 emissions

How the SME Sustainability Impact Assessment works

To start with one of our sustainability experts will arrange a site visit, during which we will run sessions to assess your environmental impact and engage with staff. This is a fantastic chance to get your organisation excited about becoming more sustainable. Following the site visit we will help you to analyse your environmental impact and develop a sustainability action plan and an environmental policy. We will revisit your organisation 6 months later to check on your progress and provide further advice.

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