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Green Element Environmental Policy

10 January 2018  |  Sustainability  |  Cristina Canela  |  Leave a comment

Green Element is a dynamic, forward-thinking environmental management consultancy. We pride ourselves on thinking differently to achieve the best results for our clients. Our own environmental management system (EMS) is no different: as well as having the technical specifications required for a successful EMS, it is driven by the same passion that lies at the heart of everything we do.

We’re committed to continual improvement – a commitment shared by all our staff. We understand the importance of employee engagement and recognise that staff behaviour ultimately determines success – it’s vital to have common environmental goals. Green Element’s own values and standards make us dedicated to exceeding compliance requirements and staying ahead of legislation.

The prevention of pollution at all levels is enshrined in Green Element’s philosophy, and where possible, Green Element strives to minimise the negative impacts on the environment of waste, travel, electricity and water. As a business, our largest and only measurable impact is travel – so that’s where our key objectives are centred. These include minimising train, taxi and own-car use by choosing other more efficient and environmentally sound ways of travelling, and/or remote working wherever feasible.

ISO 14001 provides the framework that enables the structured amalgamation of Green Element’s values, objectives and targets. It assists in the development and continual improvement of not only our environmental management system, but of our company as a whole. We hold UKAS-accredited Advanced Certification in ISO 14001.

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