On the 23rd September in NY the As global climate strike week draws to a close, we at Green Element reflect on how we feel it went.

‘I’m out of the office… Just took a long lunch break to prevent mass starvation’.

To kick off the week on the 20th September Green Element participated in the global climate change strike to raise awareness of the current state of our environment.

In order to protect our planet and people we need to help initiate systemic societal change. We want governments and businesses to listen and to work towards a green economy. This means a focus on circularity (less waste), use of renewable energy and a focus on supply chains.

The strike was thought provoking with speakers demanding action. Anna Taylor was the first to talk. She is a co-founder of UK Student Climate Network. They are a group of mostly under 18’s taking action to encourage governments to focus on climate change. She spoke eloquently, capturing the crowd.

At 13:00 around the world individuals set off alarms, demonstrating the need to act now and not wait any further.

The rest of the week we spent time with our clients hosting events and raising staff awareness. At Regents University we engaged with students about waste and up-cycling (making notebooks from recycled paper). We also helped one of our clients to organise a week full of environmental awareness games and communications (this included energy, waste, water and travel campaigns). We presented during the week on the importance of the circular economy in combating climate change.

The week has been full of thoughtful discussions, learning and raising awareness.

We followed and read about the Climate Action Summit which took place on the 23rd September in NY. 28 initiatives were presented to leaders around the world. Focusing on things such as nature-based solutions, carbon financing and mitigation.

Please share with us what you have been up to.

Who else joined the strikes?

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