February 2016 Legal Updates


Two future changes for 2016 have been highlighted this month. This month Green Element has focused on the Treasury-led consultation back in November 2015 on improving the effectiveness of measures to improve business energy efficiency. As businesses are often quite confused with which scheme they need to report on (e.g. ESOS, Climate Change Levy (CCL), Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) etc.), one of the proposals was to consolidate these into a single tax and reporting scheme. Next month we will find out if any changes have been implemented in 2016 budget statement which as well as simplifying, could also save costs for both businesses and the government.

Are diesel cars worse for the planet?

Why do diesel engines have a bad name? While diesel engines are meant to be more efficient than petrol engines, diesel cars have received a tremendous amount of bad press. They are said to release toxic gases such as noxious pollutants which are linked to premature...

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Top 7 Benefits of ISO14001 for SMEs

ISO 14001 is a globally recognised standard for environmental management. It provides the layout for implementing a management system to help with monitoring, managing and reducing your organisation’s environmental impact. However, certification is usually viewed...

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