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Environmental Management system ISO 14001  course modules


Module 1: Project Strategy Planning

What is an Environmental Management System? Where do we start?


Module 2: Environmental Impact List

Organising your impacts and aspects is one of the most important parts of your EMS. 


Module 3: Data Gathering

‘Data gathering is the process of collecting and measuring information on targeted variables in an established system, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.’


Module 4: Setting goals

Objectives and targets are set in the early stages of implementing and EMS. 


Module 5: Staff training

Staff training should be considered in and should take place throughout the entire process, but it will be beneficial to be done early so that the skills learnt can be applied. 


Module 6: Defined roles and responsibilities

Why are they needed? And how to identify them?


Module 7: Implementing changes

How your company can initiate change and what barriers there are.


Module 8.1: Required Documentation

The importance of the environmental documentation for your business and how to streamline and maintain the process.


Module 8.2: Communication Strategy

The importance of the environmental documentation for your business and how to streamline and maintain the process.


Module 8.3: Create environmental policy

What an environmental policy is, why your organization needs one, and what it should cover.


Module 8.4: Create Emergency Response Policies

What is your role as an environmental manager in the case of an emergency that results in damage to the environment? 


Module 8.5: Update Legal Compliance Register

What a compliance register is and how it’s used. You’ll learn the difference between being compliant and non-compliant and the impact this can have on your organization.


Module 8.6: Update Website with CSR Plans

How to ensure your company practices CSR and how you can best communicate this.


Module 9: Internal Audit/Make Corrections

We briefly outline internal audits and why this is an important step in ensuring your organization is compliant. You’ll get a chance to see what a real audit looks like and how to use these results to make any needed corrections. 


Module 10: EMS Effectiveness Check

We outline having a system for running an EMS effectiveness check within the context of operating an environmental management system. 


Module 11: Management Review

We will discuss everything you need to know, including when they should take place, how to structure them, what they should cover and who should be involved. We will also be discussing what will happen next, and what the management meeting means to the overall process of the EMS.


Module 12: External audit

You’ll find out why it’s needed, the steps involved in an external audit, how to use the results and some tips for making this a smooth and trouble-free process. 


Module 13: Certification and Afterwards

You will learn what ISO 14001 certification is about, who provides this certification, what it looks like, how to use the results going forward and some next steps you can take as an environmental manager.