“​I feel I'm in a very privileged position armed with more knowledge than the average person. But I do feel it is like a poisoned chalice..”

Anyone who runs a small business knows how lonely and isolating it can be. It is the life you choose to support a lifestyle. Ironically that lifestyle that you aspired and hankered for may never appear; you work longer hours and for less. What a great reward but I'm not writing this to have a small violin playing!

I run an environmental management consultancy; we help organisations become more environmental. This job exposes me to a lot of truths that the everyday person does not encounter. Recently I was sent the following:

A child born today

  •  (2040) will be just in their 20’s when the soils of the frozen north thaw – realising their locked methane and any hope of controlling the climate is lost  
  • (2050) will be in their 30’s when the last of the coral reefs collapse as a result of ocean acidification and warming
  • (2080) By the time they are 60 – overuse of pesticides and fertilisers killed off soil micro-organisms and pollinating insects, there will be no more fertile soil. The weather becomes unpracticable leading to a global food crisis and supply chains in multiple sectors may have broken down
  • (2100) as they reach their 80’s our planet could be 4C warmer. They may have lived through the extinction of many species and large parts of the earth will be uninhabitable and global peace will be an impossibility.

​The cost of dealing with this future is estimated at 550 Trillion dollars – double the entire wealth of the world today. The cost of avoiding this future is significantly less, and therefore must be pursued.

​What do we do with this information? How would you react to it? Here are some other examples of what I have recently read:

With Fashion Week coming to an end. Why are we not speaking more about this industry that is slowly destroying the planet? Read about how the UK's fashion habits are polluting Ghana

Armed with this information how would you disseminate this? Do you tell your loved ones what you perceive to be the truth about climate change and environmental degradation and bring them into your lonely life? At least they will understand you more and the burden you carry. We want to protect our loved ones not the opposite, how do we protect them under these circumstances? Does lack of knowledge hurt them and you in the long run.

I feel I'm in a very privileged position armed with more knowledge than the average person. But I do feel it is like a poisoned chalice. The more I know, the more I want to not know! But the more I know the more I want to work harder and help alleviate the situation!

Therefore going back to my initial paragraph - exacerbating the primary worry of isolation and not seeing your family due to working longer hours!

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