Green Element Legal Updates

August 2020 Legal Updates

This month’s legislation amendments:

The Waste (Prescribed Enactments (Wales) Regulations 2020

​A number of instruments to enact changes found in the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The changes are detailed in section 57(6) of the act. 

The Scottish Landfill Tax (Standard Rate and Lower Rate) (No. 2) Order 2020
Amendments have been made the Landfill Tax (Scotland) Act 2014. The standard and lower rates of the landfill tax in Scottish are amended to the following:
- Standard: £94.15,
- Lower: £3.00. 

The Sustainable Drainage (Approval and Adoption) (Wales) Order 2018

This instrument provides guidance and instructions with regards to contruction work that could impact drainage. 

Information is provided for approval, planning permission and approved areas. 

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