Sustainability Solved™

By Will Richardson

Why sustainability is important?


The devastating effects of climate change and environmental degradation are catalysing organisations to take urgent action to operate sustainably. Our new coaching programme - Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson - helps to create sustainability champions within your organisation.


The programme’s objective is to provide you and your organisation with an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is suitable for measuring and reducing your organisation's environmental impacts.


The structure of your EMS is the key to successfully meeting your targets. Setting your goals and targets is a vital first step to help you understand what positive environmental practices, if any, you already have in place and in which areas you wish to improve.


​Once you have successfully put together a robust EMS, it's time to communicate your progress. Sharing your strategy and progress against your targets with your colleagues, clients and management is an important step. Thanks to Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson, we will help you to become the sustainable business leader you always hoped you would be.


​Our two decades of experience of helping organisations to become more sustainable has helped us to develop this proven methodology. An organisation will change more positively and reduce its environmental impact more significantly by embracing and using a team of internal sustainability champions.

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Blossom & Browne Sycamore

“The world consultants strikes the fear of god into me. You haven't changed my perception of consultants. We just made the right decision working with you.”

Daniel Browne

Regent's University London

“The services that Green Element provided the university with, proved incredibly effective and helped us understand the importance of becoming a more responsible and green business.”

Alan Donnachie

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Frequently asked questions

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with any business or organisation that’s looking to make a change. We work with large multi-national organisations such as Grant Thornton LLP and IPG Interpublic Group, Universities, SME’s and other BCorp’s (Benefit Corporations).

How much am I likely to save?

We typically save our clients 20% on their energy bills in the first year and then 5% every year thereafter.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of consulting services including energy management, procurement, carbon footprinting and corporate responsibility strategy. The work we do is as varied as our clients need them to be. We work with large and small organisations on everything from policy and planning, all the way down to implementation.