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Green Element is a multi-disciplinary team of Environmental Management Consultants with offices based in London and Edinburgh.

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What makes Green Element different from other Environmental Consultancy Firms?



We are a team of scientists, marketers and business people. We have a big picture view of sustainability and environmental management.



We are a small team with a huge combined skillset – we work efficiently and pass on a range of savings because of the way we work and our lean business model.



We act like an extension of your team and work with you to help you achieve your objectives.



We work with a personal approach which creates a community feel for you and your team. You would never be just another statistic.



We have extensive training in other fields and invest in learning and development. This enables us to create bespoke packages that will meet your exact needs, rather than just using a ‘catch all’ template.



As the issue of sustainability changes, so do we. Our size and skillsets enable us adapt to changes in the market quickly and effectively.



We practise what we preach - we’re a proud certified BCorp, we have our own Environmental Policy and EMS and live and breathe everything we stand for.




Clients we’ve worked with:

We work with large and small businesses and organisations to help them reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable.

The services that Green Element provided the university with, proved incredibly cost effective.

Not only this, but they helped us to understand the importance of becoming a more responsible and ‘green’ business. Green Element are so dedicated to helping companies, like Regent’s, to nurture their relationship with the environment, that it was incredibly easy to entrust them with the responsibility of helping us to become more energy efficient.Since working with Will and the team, we have achieved savings of 500 tonnes of carbon emissions and 160, 000 kilowatt-hours of energy.

The university has also, perhaps more noticeably, reduced our running costs by £24,000 a year.

Alan Donnachie, Head of Estates, Regents University London

Green Element has supported us in developing, implementing and improving our environmental management system over the past few years.

The team share their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure we continue to reduce our impact on our environment.

Each member of the team is extremely professional and I feel they go above and beyond in order to help us to achieve our environmental objectives. I have truly valued the support and insight Green Element has provided to our business. 

In 2015/16 Grant Thornton UK made average savings of 15% per employee in utilities, travel and paper usage, creating group-wide savings of £1.89m compared with 2014/15.

Karen Higgins, Senior Manager, Internal Sustainability, Grant Thornton UK LLP

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