Life Cycle Analysis Service

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What is a Life Cycle Analyis?

A life cycle analysis of a product quantifies the greenhouse gas impact of a product over specific production processes, including process operations and upstream emissions; or over the entire lifecycle, including waste disposal and recycling of the product back to its original purpose.

Cradle to grave analysis encompasses all processes through to the product’s disposal.

Cradle to cradle includes a final step at the end of a products life, where it is recycled back to its original purpose.

By assessing the impact of every stage of a product’s life cycle, we can help you to identify opportunities to reduce its environmental impact in:

  • Sourcing raw materials & packaging
  • Transport
  • Manufacture
  • Storage​
  • Packaging​
  • Distribution
  • Use of product
  • End of life

Why is important a Life Cycle Analysis Service?

Taking an entire life cycle approach to reducing your organisations environmental impact can increase resilience, continuity, risk management and the opportunity to innovate new solutions and processes.

The number of stages and level of detail available of a product’s life cycle can vary widely. At each point in a life cycle there are decisions to be made that favour the minimisation of negative or, promote positive environmental outcomes.

These decisions can only be achieved when we assess the whole life cycle and analyse how those decisions influence each other. For example, decisions made upstream can influence and limit the possible solutions to problems downstream.

Whether it be via new design ideas, energy savings or synergies in the supply chain, looking at the entire life cycle of a product allows us to view a new, environmental perspective on existing processes as well as revealing the potential for cost saving.

Life Cycle Analysis
What we can do for your unique product?
  • Using methods that align with PAS 2050 and the GHG Protocol Product Standard, we will provide you with an externally verified product carbon footprint certificate.
  • This can be issued to clients, customers, and other stakeholders to promote your commitment to reducing your environmental impact and increasing sustainability.
  • Your carbon footprint can be used as a benchmark against which to measure new products and/or new production methods.
  • In addition to your carbon footprint, we will help you to identify where you can have the most environmental impact in your product’s life cycle, for example, reviewing transport routes or packaging options for your products.
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