The easiest and most comprehensive environmental course to Green Up your organisation using your own skills.


Successfully manage ​an organisation's ISO 14001 certification! A step-by-step online course to get ​an organisation really green.

​A ​complete course with everything you need to ensure you and 'your' organisation is as environmental as possible

Are you struggling to understand where to start to ensure your organisation reduces those environmental impacts? Are you unsure what resources you need and how to go about the reduction process?

It is really hard to know where to start. ​It is expensive using consultants ​and much better to have someone in the team to know what it is that you need to reduce; enabling better communication within your organisation. ​

Will, the course tutor, has coming up to 20 years of experience, and collectively the team has loads! We don't want to add it up, it makes us feel old and mature! We feel we need to pass on this knowledge and help others through the process of greening up their organisation, learning from our mistakes and using our proven methodology.

The Complete Environmental Management ISO 14001 Certification Course

This course will help and direct you through the process of reducing your organisation's environmental impact and ensure you do not miss anything out. We help you with your environmental policy, how to communicate to all relevant parties, what you should concentrate on to reduce, how to manage your legal compliance and much more. We have designed this course for you, in order to achieve the reductions that the United Nations are talking about; we need you to be armed with the knowledge that we have as consultants.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you have signed up you will have access to 18 modules specially designed to help you ensure your organisation reduces its environmental impact. You will have access to 20 different templates that will help you on this journey. The course should take anytime between one month and three months to complete. We will assess and advice you on your environmental management system through an embedded multiple choice exam (40%) and a two hours phone call (60%). At the end of the course you will not only have the most robust environmental management programme possible but also be ready for ISO certification! 

​Embed Sustainability

​By completing this course you are embedding sustainability into your organisation. 

Cost Effective

​Because you are not using consultants you are able to reduce your environmental impact cost effectively.


​You will be able to complete this course in your own time. ​Your organisation will be able to reduce its impact as quickly as you want it to.

Enhanced In-house Expertise

We will provide you with the complete set of skills to reduce your organisation's environmental impact. You will come out of the course as a very knowledgable environmental manager.

Here’s what people are saying about ​Green Element

At Green Element, we're passionate about helping organisations develop and nurture a better relationship with the environment.

Our experts advise organisations big and small on a range of sustainability issues, from waste management and renewable energy implementation to environmental strategy, corporate responsibility and tenders.

​Dan Browne

​Managing Director

Blossom and Browne's Sycamore

​Greenhouse Gas Reductions

​​​Greenhouse gas emissions for 2015 were 490kg CO2e per tonne of cleaned items, a 8% drop from 2014 (524kg) in turn a 11% drop compared with 586kg CO2e in 2012.

​Karen Higgins

​Head of Sustainability

Grant Thornton LLP

​Massive Annual Savings

​In 2015/16 Grant Thornton UK made average savings of 15% per employee in utilities, travel and paper usage, creating group-wide savings of £1.89m compared with 2014/15.

​Alan Donnachie

​Head of Facilities

Regent's University London

​Much more effiicient

​We have achieved savings of 500 tonnes of carbon emissions and 160, 000 kilowatt-hours of energy. The university has also, perhaps more noticeably, reduced our running costs by £24,000 a year.

What is in the course

​There are 18 modules and 24 different templates


Module 1: ​Project Strategy Planning

​What is an Environmental Management System? Where do we start?


Module 2: ​Environmental Impact List

​Organising your impacts and aspects is one of the most important parts of your EMS. ​


Module 3: ​Data Gathering

​‘Data gathering is the process of collecting and measuring information on targeted variables in an established system, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.’


Module 4: ​Setting Goals

​Objectives and targets are set in the early stages of implementing and EMS.


Module 5: ​Staff Training

​Staff training should be considered in and should take place throughout the entire process, but it will be beneficial to be done early so that the skills learnt can be applied.


Module 6: ​Defined Roles and Responsibilities

​Why are they needed? And how to identify them?


Module 7: ​Implementing Changes

How your company can initiate change and what barriers there are.


Module 8.1: ​Required Documentation

​The importance of the environmental documentation for your business and how to streamline and maintain the process.


Module 8.2: ​Communication Strategy

​Communication is a critical aspect of any environmental management planning.


Module 8.3: ​Create Environmental Policy

​What an environmental policy is, why your organization needs one, and what it should cover.


Module 8.4: ​Create Emergency Response Policies

​What is your role as an environmental manager in the case of an emergency that results in damage to the environment? 


Module 8.5: ​Update Legal Compliance Register

​What a compliance register is and how it’s used. You’ll learn the difference between being compliant and non-compliant and the impact this can have on your organization.


Module 8.6: ​Update Website with CSR Plans

​How to ensure your company practices CSR and how you can best communicate this.


Module 9: ​Internal Audit/Make Corrections

​We briefly outline internal audits and why this is an important step in ensuring your organization is compliant. You’ll get a chance to see what a real audit looks like and how to use these results to make any needed corrections.


Module 10: ​EMS Effectiveness Check

​We outline having a system for running an EMS effectiveness check within the context of operating an environmental management system.


Module 11: ​Management Review

​We will discuss everything you need to know, including when they should take place, how to structure them, what they should cover and who should be involved. We will also be discussing what will happen next, and what the management meeting means to the overall process of the EMS.


Module 12: ​External Audit

​You’ll find out why it’s needed, the steps involved in an external audit, how to use the results and some tips for making this a smooth and trouble-free process.


Module 13: ​Certification and Afterwards

​You will learn what ISO 14001 certification is about, who provides this certification, what it looks like, how to use the results going forward and some next steps you can take as an environmental manager.


Now it’s time to introduce our Bonuses!

What else is there in the course that ​we haven’t explained in your modules above?

​We feel that we ​have included everything we can think of within the course. Because of that we have included 50% off, in our opinion, the most comprehensive easy to use software within the environmental market that helps you manage/understand and benchmark your carbon footprint. We have also included a sign up to a group for peer help and a one time offer of a check in at the end of the course. This is a limited offer and the offer does end!

Bonus 1

​Compare Your Footprint is the first comprehensive online carbon calculator which compares your company with others in your industry. It helps you report and adhere to SECR without the use of a consultant.

Compare Your Footprint enables your organisation to report greenhouse gas emissions inventories and reduce energy, travel, waste and supply chain usage and costs, achieving better results than you would be able to anticipate. How do we know this? Through years of consultancy with companies, charities and universities and a passion for reducing organisations’ environmental impacts across many different industries.

Bonus 2
​Access to our Private Green Element Academy LinkedIn Group

You will get unlimited access to our Green Element Academy LinkedIn Group. This will mean that you have access to Green Element staff and ​your peers forever in a closed environment. You can ask any question that you need to help you green up your organisation. ​

By having this unlimited access you will be able to get so much more from the course. You can discuss practical ways ​of reduction, and the problems that you ​face with likeminded individuals.​

Bonus 3
​Free Review of your Environmental Management System

We will review your whole environmental management program and give you some expert advice once you have finished the course. We will give you a 2 hour online call that you can book at the end of the course at your convenience.

About The Course Teacher;

Will Richardson

​A pioneer and early adopter of many now-mandatory environmental standards, Will's visionary approach and inspiring leadership is exemplary. He is also a current board member and former Chairman of the Metropolitan Branch of CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management).

  • Designed and Authored article for the Law Society’s Legal Sustainability Alliance: ‘Implementing an Environmental Management System’.
    Presented paper as guest speaker at Renewable Energy Conference for Hampshire County Council: ‘The Pros and Cons of Large Scale Wind Turbine Projects and the Concept of a Wind Turbine Co-operative’.
    Runner-up in a national CIWEM competition, presenting a paper discussing car transportation: ‘Passenger Cars, CO2 emissions and energy: What is the future?’.
    Part-time lecturer at University of Brunel for MSc in Environmental Management for Business, specialising in ISO 14001.

William Richardson


Picture of Will Richardson (Green Element)
Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

​Charlie Whyman

Marketing Specialist

​Incredibly Knowledgable

​Will is incredibly knowledgeable about all things environmental. He is the one person that anyone should turn to for understanding how to help your organisation become more environmental. The best thing about Will is that he's not just an environmental consultant - he's also a business owner and understands how to balance and maximise the two so it's a win-win.

​Matt Hocking

​Founder / Creative Director / at Leap.


​You have a good DJ feel to you, very calming in your delivery.

​James Gibb

​Managing Director - Advanced Certification


​William is a highly motivated individual with exemplary environmental credentials

​Why have we decided to launch an online training course for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)?

Supporting our clients with EMS implementation is our bread and butter here at Green Element. We have implemented well over 50 for our clients in the past 3 years, and we believe we are one of the leading consultancies for Environmental Management System support in the UK today.

Creating this online training course is a logical next step for us. It will enable us to support even more organisations and sustainability professionals, since they will be able to access the course from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and study at their own pace. The positive impact we can make in the world is paramount for us, and we’re confident that our new course will help more companies to reap the benefits of implementing an EMS, which include:

    - Significantly reducing your energy costs
    - Improving your operational efficiencies
  - Increasing staff engagement
    - An excellent return on investment
    - The option to go for ISO14001 Certification

​Environmental Management course



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  • ​3 ​bonuses
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  • 50% off Compare Your Footprint
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​Thanks from me.....

​Thank you so much for ​considering going on this course. My passion is to green up as many organisations as possible. This can only be possible if more people know what to do. I have set it as one of my goals to help as many people embrace a more environmental way to green up their organisation as possible. We also have a podcast that helps you on this journey. Please get in touch with me if you want to join us on this journey​;

​My personal number is +441316770183

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