ESOS, or the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a mandatory energy assessment for UK businesses that meet the relevant criteria. The window for Phase 2 is now open, and it is time for organisations to start planning. Businesses who have the ISO 50001 certification across all of their services are automatically compliant with ESOS Phase 2.

What are the key dates for Phase 2?

  • 5th December 2019 is the key deadline for the end of ESOS Phase 2
  • Compliance Audits can be conducted anytime from now until the deadline
  • Reference Audits – i.e. data to be submitted to the EA – must be undertaken within a consecutive period of 12 months any time from the 1st January 2018.
    • This window must include the qualification date of 31st December 2018

Organisations should start planning ahead and consider commencing the process sooner rather than later, so as to avoid late completion and potential fines – this was a widespread issue that occurred during Phase 1. Many organisations had also been found to be disengaged from the scheme even though they matched the criteria, resulting in enforcement action from the EA. All of this can be avoided going forward, with earlier planning.

Companies can also reap financial benefits if this is undertaken earlier, as savings opportunities can be implemented earlier.

How to comply with ESOS Phase 2?

There are various compliance routes to go down, depending on the specifics of a business. These should cover at least 90% of energy consumption (i.e. all the significant energy consumption of a business). These routes include:

  • ISO 50001 – if this covers all significant energy use, then a lead assessor audit is not required and this is ESOS Phase 2 compliant.
  • DECs (Display Energy Certificates) – this is relevant for public buildings over 250m2. It requires a recommendation report alongside this in order to comply, so long as all significant energy use is covered. A lead assessor is still required to perform an assessment.
  • GDAs (Green Deal Assessments) – covers building-specific energy use; if all significant energy activity is incorporated, then no other routes are required. A lead assessor is still to perform an assessment.
  • ESOS-compliant energy audits – this can use previous energy audits as part of the assessment, so long as it is all within the compliance period. This must be reviewed by a lead assessor.

(Note: whichever route is chosen, this must have been issued during the compliance window i.e. between 6th Dec 2015 and 5th December 2019, and must be valid at the final deadline date of 5th December 2019).

For ESOS Phase 2 -compliant energy audits, the key steps involved are to:

  • Ensure all energy activity has been measured – including buildings, transport, and other relevant activities.
  • Complete a 12-month energy assessment, and include energy-saving recommendations
  • Carry out an external audit by an ESOS auditor
  • Compile the required evidence pack which details outcomes of the assessment and how the chosen certification or assessment route is tackling areas of significant energy consumption

How we can help?

Green Element can provide organisations with bespoke and tailored support and guidance surrounding compliance with ESOS Phase 2. Whatever stage your organisation is at, whether this is starting from scratch, or reviewing current processes, we are able to provide support, whilst tailoring this to your organisation’s specific needs.

We can

  • Determine whether you qualify for ESOS, and if so, conduct a gap analysis to establish what is involved for compliance
  • Assess which approach is best for your organisation
  • Perform the energy assessments from activities across your business for the period
  • Pinpoint any energy saving opportunities and make recommendations
  • Conduct the formal audits via a Lead assessor
  • Compile the report and evidence pack for the EA.

Find out more here.

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