Energy Management System

Energy management system includes data gathering of energy metering, monitoring and targeting to achieve targets and road-map actions

How can benefit your business?

ISO 50001 is a clear demonstration that you are committed to reducing your impact to the environment. It will also enable you to establish industry best practices in energy efficiency which will deliver both immediate and long term benefits.

Green Element’s energy-management consultancy helps businesses identify their core goals and objectives, be that financial gain through a reduced energy spend; a more responsible corporate image – beneficial for tenders and marketing – or to ensure compliance with buildings, energy and climate-change legislation.

This service includes an energy management assessment; and detailed data gathering through energy metering, monitoring and targeting in order to construct achievable targets and road-map actions.

Energy Management Assesment

  • Identify poor practice areas in energy management.
  • Identify gaps in information, including energy data, systems processes, and accountabilities.
  • Identify pre-existing energy-management structures that could be built upon.
  • Complete energy-management assessment checklist, including:
  • Energy policy and/or strategy in place?
  • Operational procedures in place – and adhered to?
  • Procurement policy for energy technology and energy-rated equipment?
  • Workforce engagement and communication?
  • Conduct energy survey
  • Construct road map for energy-management procedure.

Energy metering, monitoring and targeting

  • Analyse sub-metering and interval data status (drawing on initial energy-management assessment, as above).
  • Diagramatise data sources broken down by energy category.
  • Data-gathering
  • Validation and cross-matching of all available energy-consumption data.
  • Monitoring and analysis of all interval and manual reading data from meters.
  • In-depth normalised data analysis (normalised for building type, occupancy levels, outside air temperature and energy demands specific to the business).
  • Benchmark energy-usage statistics against similar organisations and buildings.
  • Calculate KPIs (key performance indicators) and benchmarking.
  • Identify areas of energy wastage and potential energy-reduction actions.
  • Construct targets for energy reduction and roadmap actions, with all stakeholders’ engagement.

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