Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

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The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a compulsory programme of regular energy audits for ‘large enterprises’. As well as making companies more energy-efficient and reducing environmental impact, real bottom-line benefits are delivered when you go beyond compliance. There are also penalties for non-compliance.

  • Enterprises required to undergo auditing are all those with 250+ employees and either ‘an annual turnover of at least €50m (£42m)’ or ‘an annual balance sheet total of at least €43m (£35m).
  • Energy audits are conducted every four years by approved assessors. The audit assesses the organisation’s energy intensity ratio – kWh/employee (FTE), for example – and the variation in energy use over time within key buildings and operations.
  • To achieve compliance, a business needs to gather the necessary data, undertake the assessment and maintain records of the results. Those with an EMS (Environmental Management System) certified by ISO50001 that includes energy-intensity ratio data will be considered ESOS compliant and not required to implement specific ESOS audits

ESOS Services offered by Green Element:



Help deciding whether you meet the Phase 2 qualification criteria

Route Choices

Between ESOS Audits, ISO 50001 or DEC certificates

Gap Analysis

Assessing your current status and what will be required to achieve compliance

Road Map

Produce a clear strategy and timeline detailing your route to compliance


Gathering the energy data you need from your business’s facilities and transport

ESOS Audit

Conducting the obligatory ESOS audit

ESOS Report

Produce report with energy-savings recommendations, audit outcomes

ESOS Compliance Statement

Report of compliance to the Environment Agency

ESOS Evidence Pack

Pack of evidence as stipulated by ESOS guidelines

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