Welcome to Green Element Monthly (May 2016)

Welcome to the May edition of Green Element Monthly. We have a winner! The winner has won 4 hours free consultancy…..! This is fun; we used the following website to pick a number – https://www.random.org/. We just put in the number of subscribers and then out pops a number. We have contacted the winner, due to the fact that this is the first time we have run this, (I wrote this part last night!). I did not think it was fair to put his name in the email without asking his permission. I have asked and emailed him. I hope he is happy! Would you be? 4 hours of free consultancy!

It is a really interesting time for being an Environmental Management Consultancy, we are seeing a huge amount of change and businesses are really trying to save money. B-Corp are seeing a real surge of interest; our MD was asked to speak at an event recently about why Green Element chose to be a member – in a nutshell – we strive to be a business that reduces our clients environmental impacts in the most ethical manner possible. We also have the upcoming referendum that is ensuring much debate in the office. IEMA have just asked for a membership questionnaire to be completed on the subject of environmentalism within the debate. I am really looking forward to the results. Amandine has written a fantastic article on this subject; more below.

If you would like to talk to our MD about any of the articles or just want a chat; you can access his diary for a 20 minute chat here.

Wishing you all a Happy May,

The Green Element Team

Climate Anxiety

“​I feel I'm in a very privileged position armed with more knowledge than the average person. But I do feel it is like a poisoned chalice..” Anyone who runs a small business knows how lonely and isolating it can be. It is the life you choose to support a lifestyle....

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Are diesel cars worse for the planet?

Why do diesel engines have a bad name? While diesel engines are meant to be more efficient than petrol engines, diesel cars have received a tremendous amount of bad press. They are said to release toxic gases such as noxious pollutants which are linked to premature...

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