Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 (amended) 2014

Joseph Ellis      06 April 2014

The new changes to the regulation came into force on 6th April 2014. The changes are as follows:

– Amend regulation 35 by replacing the references in that regulation to a ‘transfer note’ with a reference to ‘written information’. This allows for the recording of the transfer of controlled waste on alternative documentation, such as invoices, instead of waste transfer notes. This will provide greater flexibility for businesses by clarifying that alternative, existing documentation can be used to record the required information. It is a permissive change and any businesses who do not see a benefit may continue using WTNs. This will only apply to businesses involved in the estimated 20% of transfers not handled through EDoC [click to see blog on EDoC](http://www.greenelement.co.uk/blog/article/electronic-duty-of-care-edoc).

– Amend regulation 29(5) of the 2011 Regulations by adding a new list of ‘relevant offences’. Relevant offences are taken into account by the regulators when considering an application for registration of a carrier, broker and dealer of controlled waste.

– Reinstate provisions relating to the requirement by a carrier of waste to produce their authority (an official waste registration certificate), for transporting controlled waste and provide for provisions relating to the making of copies of certificates of registration.

– Require the separate collection of waste paper, metal, plastic and glass, and prohibit mixing of those wastes once separately collected.

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