Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson

The accelerating rate of climate change and environmental degradation demands organisations take action to embed sustainability within their daily functioning. The need for integrated sustainability within business is becoming increasingly urgent. We have designed a coaching programme: Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson to encourage organisations to have internal sustainability leaders.

Why is it important to embed sustainability?

Some have critisised corporate sustainability strategies that fail to fully embed sustainability within the organisation, arguing that this leads to ineffectual action. We have launched out new coaching programme  Sustainability Solved™ by Will Richardson to make it as easy as possible to become a sustainability leader within your organisation.

Creating a suitable Environmental Management System

The goal of our coaching programme is to provide you and your organisation with an Environmental Management System that is suitable to measure and reduce your organisation’s environmental impacts. You will have unlimited access to our private Linkedin group with everyone who has enrolled in the coaching programme and Green Element’s sustainability experts. This will encourage ongoing discussion, leading to continual improvement of our collective approach to sustainability.

One of the most common problems our clients experience is feeling confused about how to capture and analyse their data. The first module of our coaching programme will help you to know your numbers providing you with a greater understanding of your data, leaving you feeling more in control.

Once you know your numbers, it is important to set goals and targets. Module 2 is created to help you establish what positive environmental practices you already have in place and areas you want to improve. We will teach you to set goals and targets and ensure that you meet them. You will receive a login and tutorial session for our industry leading software so you can benchmark your carbon footprint against others in the same industry.

How to meet your targets

The structure of your EMS is important to the successful implementing it and ensuring you meet you targets. Our years of experience implementing EMS’s for a huge variety of organisations has provided us with a wealth of knowledge to draw from, we have a tried and tested method of structuring an EMS that is fool proof. We will share our experience with you to ensure the structure works best for you.

Communication is key

Finally, once you have worked hard to put together a robust EMS it is time to celebrate. Communicate your strategy with you colleagues, clients and management. We will teach you the most effective way to communicate your EMS. You will also get the opportunity to share your successes and challenges on the Green Element Podcast.

The combination of these four modules is designed to provide you with a complete EMS embedded within your organisation. This will help to equip your organisation to deal with the increasing pressure to address environmental issues by reducing your environmental impact.