Regent’s University London Testimonial

Alan Donnachie – Head of Estates – Regents University London Testimonial

How would you describe Green Element in just three words?

Describing Green Element in Just three words! Right, let’s think. Okay…approachable…creative…passionate

Now, in as many words as you like this time, tell me about your experience of working with Green Element

Sure. I began working with Will at Green Element in July of 2013 when I began working at Regent’s University in London. At the time, the university were looking to reduce our overall energy costs and, after assessing our current standards of environmental friendliness, set ourselves new targets for energy, material and waste reduction.

Will explained to the facilities department how Green Element could create bespoke environmental policies for the university, that would result in our best possible practice compliance with environmental legislations.

And were you pleased with the service Green Element provided you with?

Absolutely. They came through; Green Element provided what they promised to. Since working with Will and the team, we have achieved savings of 500 tonnes of carbon emissions and 160, 000 kilowatthours of energy. The university has also, perhaps more noticeably, reduced our running costs by £30,000 a year.

What would you say to somebody considering partnering up with Green Element in the future?

Go for it. The services that Green Element provided the university with, proved incredibly cost effective. Not only this, but they helped us to understand the importance of becoming a more responsible and ‘green’ business. Green Element are so dedicated to helping companies, like Regent’s, to nurture their relationship with the environment, that it was incredibly easy to entrust them with the responsibility of helping us to become more energy efficient.

And anything else you’d like to say about the company?

Somewhere else the Green Element team assisted us, was by encouraging us to communicate our achievements to our students and staff. We are now confident that we can strive to collectively continue our efforts to be a sustainable organisation, maintaining our ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification.

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