Did you know… Plug-in Hybrid car buyers qualify for a government grant?

Will Richardson      25 November 2014

The government in the UK are on the right road to being global leaders in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions. Hybrid cars are increasingly attractive as they use minimal amounts of liquid fuel and their owners get tax breaks. Just a couple of reasons why the government have gone out of their way to improve the awareness and likeability of these cars.

There are 2,500 electric cars registered in the UK, compared to 28 million conventional cars. As you can probably tell from that stat, UK motorists have thus far been quite resistant to becoming ‘green’ drivers. The government has to work extra hard to catch their attention and that’s where the plug-in car grant comes in.

This scheme sees the government reduce the cost of low or zero CO2 emission vehicles by offering 25% off the purchase price (capped at £5,000) per vehicle. The ideal situation would be for motorists to exchange their old car for a new snazzy hybrid version; however this is not obligatory.

You are probably thinking there are application processes to go through and some sort of deposit, right? Well think again! You won’t be out of pocket for a second. The dealership and manufacturer are able to offer the vehicle with the government grant already deducted, making the purchase simple and easy.

Take a few steps back before choosing your car and make sure it meets the criteria. The government grant is eligible to be used only if the car supports an electric battery, or a hydrogen fuel source. The vehicle must either produce zero C02 or no more than 75g/km of CO2 to be suitable for the scheme. There are also maximum mile ranges and speed limitations to consider. All the requirements may seem steep but in the grand scale of things it’s a very small price to pay to help lower the carbon dioxide released on British roads on a daily basis.

Hybrids are improving every day, they are here to help us better the environment and some have considerably sexy designs. So, if you are looking to buy a new car anytime soon take a look at the number of benefits that hybrid owners are enjoying and act fast, the plug-in car grant scheme is scheduled to end in March 2014.

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