P272: New balancing and settlement legislation for electricity meters – what you need to do and when

This regulatory change means that those businesses with meter profile classes 05, 06, 07 or 08 need to upgrade to half-hourly settled electricity.

From 5 November 2015, those businesses with meters in profile classes 05-08 who already have accredited, automated half-hourly meters installed on site will be migrated to half-hourly settlement within 45 days of contract renewal.

By 1st April 2017, those businesses without AMRs already installed will need to have made the move over to half-hourly settled meters.

The benefits will be better data quality and the ability to analyse and reduce your energy use. This will come at a price, however, and it’s important to get the best deal from your suppliers and agents .

Here’s a step by step guide to what to do:
(and if you’d like help with any of this process please do give us a ring on 020 70960054)

1. Find out if you have any 05-08 profile class meters. You can do this by checking the first two digits of the top line of your MPANs, which are numbers at the foot of your bills, beginning with an S:
2. Find out if you already have an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) on these meters by ringing your supplier – or by checking the meter itself if you know how.
3. Find out when your electricity supplier contracts are up for renewal. If you have the contract it will have an end date – if you don’t have the contract to hand, ring your supplier and ask for a copy and to confirm with you the contract end date.
4. If you do have AMRs on all of your 05-08 meters you will need to migrate to half-hourly settlement at the earliest of

       i.   Your contract renewal date  
       ii.  1st April 2017    

Your meter will be reconfigured remotely and no site visit or change to your meter will be necessary.
5. Shop around for a Meter Operator (MOP) and a Data Collection / Data Aggregation (DA/DC) provider. You may already have contracts in place, in which case it’s important to check the contracts and ensure the agents are accredited to operate on the half-hourly market.
If you default to your energy supplier’s choice of these you may not get the best provision, and it’s important for a signed contract to be in place, otherwise you won’t receive your half-hourly data.

  • A Meter Operator Provider (MOP) is responsible for the installation of your meter and for servicing the meter 
  • A Data Collector (DC) is responsible for ‘dialling’ your meter, retrieving the details of the energy consumption at your premises and providing this consumption data to your energy supplier so that your energy supplier can bill you on this actual consumption. 
  • A Data Aggregator (DA) is appointed by an energy supplier to take the meter information from the DC and work out the cost of the power your site has used. 

*6. If you do not have AMRs on all of your 05-08 profiles your meters cannot be reprogrammed and will be exchanged. This must be done by 1st April 2017. There should be no extra charge for this.
*7. Shop around for your new half-hourly settled contract. Your new contract will incur extra charges itemised on your bills as DUoS (Distribution Use of Service) and TNUoS (Transmission Network Use of Service).

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