The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 has been updated. There are no fundamental policy changes, but amendments have been made to ensure that on exit day 300 references to the EU directive continue to function properly.

On BREXIT exit day The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme will change slightly too. The ISO50001 will be conducted by UKAS, an International Accreditation Forum or a national accreditation body of an EU member state. In addition, the financial thresholds will be stated in pounds and not euros. Companies with a turnover of £44 million of more and a balance sheet of £38 million or over will be required to undertake an ESOS.

The Flood and Water (Amendments) (England and Wales) (EU Exit) amendments include policy on: contaminated land, slurry storage tanks, nitrate pollution prevention and private water supplies.

If you’d like more information as to how these legal updates affect your business please contact us here

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