Lighter Side – Green Element Monthly (September 2016)

It is great when your personal values and beliefs conflate with your personal life in such a way that you are able to watch a season of TV (Now on its 2nd!) and really just settle in for those long winter nights coming up. Watch it and let us know what you think?

• Research commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust shows that sending drivers on driver training and using hybrid and/or electric vehicles will save SMEs a lot of money and reduce environmental impact. Fuel efficiency training could cut consumption by as much as 15%.

• This has been a bug bare of mine since Wraps inception – finally they are completing the job I felt they should have years ago. Councils are going to be brought in line with each other ensuring that all councils have the same framework. Read More

• It appears that Shell will be charging electric vehicles as soon as 2017,

• Labour have been up in arms over the recent solar tax hike

Are diesel cars worse for the planet?

Why do diesel engines have a bad name? While diesel engines are meant to be more efficient than petrol engines, diesel cars have received a tremendous amount of bad press. They are said to release toxic gases such as noxious pollutants which are linked to premature...

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Top 7 Benefits of ISO14001 for SMEs

ISO 14001 is a globally recognised standard for environmental management. It provides the layout for implementing a management system to help with monitoring, managing and reducing your organisation’s environmental impact. However, certification is usually viewed...

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