Lighter Side – Green Element Monthly (April 2016)

What people accomplish and the ideas they have are amazing. I love reading about new and exciting ways that you can either re-use materials or use materials in a different way like the cardboard bike, as featured in a previous monthly.

The Paper Rain Project are one of these fantastic companies; they recycle one of my passions (wine – barrels) into another one of my passions (Kitesurfing – Board Sports). Can you imagine how pleased I was when I came across them! Whats more they ship worldwide! The Paper Rain Project is an amazing project and deserves our attention!

Please contact us for more information……

Are diesel cars worse for the planet?

Why do diesel engines have a bad name? While diesel engines are meant to be more efficient than petrol engines, diesel cars have received a tremendous amount of bad press. They are said to release toxic gases such as noxious pollutants which are linked to premature...

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Top 7 Benefits of ISO14001 for SMEs

ISO 14001 is a globally recognised standard for environmental management. It provides the layout for implementing a management system to help with monitoring, managing and reducing your organisation’s environmental impact. However, certification is usually viewed...

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