Kayak Litter Picking in London


This week I joined Lower Regents Coalition, Moo Canoes and 40 other volunteers for their monthly litter pick. Leaving from Limehouse Basin in their spotted kayaks, we were armed with waterproof waders, bin bags, pickers, gloves, life jackets and paddles. It was eye-opening to see the canals from a different level, partly because of how nice it is to be floating the water but also because of how much rubbish we were floating around us. 

We found all range of things from beer cans to coke bottles to plastic sleeves to postal envelopes, with some bigger bulky items picked up amongst the group. It was tough to paddle past nesting coots who have built their homes using a mixture of sticks, reeds and plastic they have found in their surroundings. Experiences like this really highlight the need to reduce the amount of plastic we consume in our lives, ensure waste is disposed of appropriately and all do our part to clean up our streets before these items ends up in waterways and the ocean.

If you’re interested in getting involved, the free session is ran on the last Wednesday of each month from 6pm during summer and the last Sunday of the month at 11am in winter, if you are interested in joining follow Lower Regents Coalition for updates. Moo Canoes also run CSR and volunteering events, so if your organisation is looking for a rewarding day out get in touch.


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