Green Element Weekly podcast interview with Tom Greenwood from WholeGrain Digital

Today we are delighted to be joined by Tom Greenwood who is the managing director of Wholegrain Digital. He and his wife begun the company back in 2007. It is a web and design agency whose mission is to use design, digital technology and business to help create a sustainable world.

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3key things

  1. Look beyond the horizon.
  2. Always trust your gut.
  3. Do what works for you.

What is your business superpower?

I would say our business superpower is having people who care. We work with people who do not only care about their job but are also generally concerned about their team mates and their clients. This is actually what has put us in business all these years because when people know that you care about them and have their best interests at heart, they trust you.

How do you engage your staff suppliers and customers with your mission and purpose?

Our business’ mission is to use the power of design, digital technology and business to create a sustainable and equitable world, therefore, we involve our customers and suppliers by having general conversations with them at events and through our podcasts. We tell them about what we care about.

What has been your biggest struggle when it comes to running an ethical and sustainable business and how have you overcome it?

Finding working spaces where people who are operating those spaces care about energy consumption has been our greatest challenge. We have very little control on where the energy is coming from and how it is consumed. We overcome this by working as a team and finding ways to navigate this issue and we have seen some success.

If you could offer one piece of advice to our listeners which could help them with their purpose what would that be?

My advice would be to always trust your gut. Do what you think is right for you. Do not listen to what people say and what they think you should do, because at the end of the day your gut is always right.

What has been your biggest challenge when it comes to reducing environmental impact on carbon footprints?

Understanding the impact of the work that we do because we design websites, so most people don’t really see the impact of our work. It also took years for us to see what our impact was. We realized that design has a big impact on energy consumption so it has been quite the challenge trying to use it as a metric in our work and use it in our design and development process. Also getting our clients on board and helping them understand that this is a real thing has been quite the challenge.

Can you tell us how you approach environmental management and your carbon footprint?

Instead of setting a business and designing the services then later on thinking of how to minimize the impact of the business, we always embed that process into anything we create that is in our business structure. That’s why we design websites instead of creating them and focus on efficiency and performance rather than just focusing on how the website looks. It is better to do it that way.

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