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Today we’re joined by Marco Karman who is the owner of Be More You. Be More You is a company that helps people be more mindful, compassionate, and illuminated. Their target market are children over 10 years and old people over 60 years but have an opening market for people in the working field. In this episode, Marco explains how people do a lot of things subconsciously and have knee jerk reactions because their minds are already programmed to a certain kind of thinking. His company will help you be more aware of your environment and how to handle different situations.


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3 key Things

  1. The awareness that you consciously see is caught subconsciously by your outdated survival modes.
  2. Try and be compassionate and helpful to people. It will be good for the interaction between you two.
  3. It’s good to understand that we are not in a competition with each other.


About Be More You

I help people to become aware that there are two ways of looking at what is happening in front of us. One is with the conscious mind and the other is with the subconscious survival mechanism. We help people to reduce the intake of the toll on their daily lives. We work with professionals from small to large corporations.

What is your business superpower?

Our superpower is we’re able to tell what is going on in your brain. Through this we make people aware if they’re in a proactive and constructive mode or in a reactive and divisive mode. This is very powerful because people are hardly aware about the process which goes on in everybody’s head.

How does this work?

The key thing you need to do to change your behavior is to create space between stimulus and response. This space gives you an opportunity to choose and do something different than you did before, which is easier said than done.

To create space and to particularly get you out of the automatic rhythm of jumping into survival mode when something happens in front of you, we measure people’s brain activity.


We let them watch a movie, and if in the movie something happens which triggers a survival mechanism, all of a sudden they see a screen which pops up over the movie they’re watching which makes them aware that something is not as effective as they want. People get into flight mode and try to move it away and open the screen again but since they don’t know how to do it, they get more triggers fire off and the screen gets more and more close.


We help you with exercises to be in the here and now and focus your attention to part of the screen where you can see. From this they are able to start creating their time between stimulus and response and as a result, develop new behavior.


How does Be More You engage its staff, suppliers, and customers with its mission and purpose?

When I’m looking for new employees, what we’re doing is we’re contributing to a better world and I also believe that man has got one fundamental problem which is outdated survival mechanism in the brain. This is why people are on a mission to join this company.

Everything we do from morning to evening is we focus on helping people to make these shifts. While dealing with our clients we hear so often that people know that they want to do things differently, they also invest time and money to do so, but one way or another they feel that they’re stuck in a non-existing behavior.

The fact that we’re able to help people make a definite transition is the reason companies like to work with us.


When it comes to running an ethical and sustainable business what has been your biggest struggle and how have you overcome it?

I started the business in 2010 and the biggest challenge was that people were very skeptic at first because it was a new idea in the market. It was hard for us to stick to what we believed was good for personal develop and mindfulness as a whole.


If you could offer one piece of advice to our listeners that would help them with their purpose what would it be?

I would tell them to respond to people you would like to be respondent to yourself. It sounds easy but it’s easier said than done. Often, we see what people aren’t doing right but when you look at what you’re doing yourself, you come to the conclusion that you’re doing things that you wouldn’t like to do to yourself.

What is your biggest challenge or frustration when it comes to reducing your environmental impact in carbon footprint?

Everything we purchase is as environmental safe as possible.

The biggest frustration I have is in a different area which is called the contribution footprint. It’s different but I believe that everybody on earth has something that is perfectly fitted with his or her personality. Many people are struggling because of this behavior in getting the best out of themselves. I wish people would walk on their own path and stop competing with each other.


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