Green Element Weekly Podcast – Why you need an Environmental Management System?

In this final episode of season 1, I share with you why you need an environmental management system.

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  • How you can manage your organisation’s environmental impact?
  • What is an Environmental Management System?
  • Short term and long term steps to measure and evaluation of the environmental impact
  • The 4 stages problem-solving model
  • How we can help you to make a lasting change in your organisation
  • Why get an Environmental certification
  • ISO14001 certification

Useful link:

ISO 14001

Time Stamp:

[00:30] Review of Season 1

[01:40] How to environmentalize your business

[05:40] How to plan to reduce your environmental impact

[07:00] Gauging the effectiveness of an environmental management system

[10:00] Updating communications and policy for your business

[12:00] Why go for the ISO14001

[13:00] Get in touch


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