Episode 002: Interview with Ravinol Chambers, BeInspiredFilms

We are thrilled to be interviewing Ravinol Chambers from video production company, Be Inspired Films. Rav is an incredible human being with lots of energy and passion for helping others. Ravinol is an Irish born entrepreneur and producer / director who is passionate about the ‘power of storytelling’ to attract and retain the best talent, communicate your organisations purpose and establish competitive advantage in the marketplace. In 2018, his video agency ‘Be Inspired Films’ won ‘TV / Video Agency of the Year’ at the Recommended Agency Awards for the third year in a row and his clients include Google, Royal Albert Hall, Nesta, Centrepoint and Railway Children. He is a regular speaker on the ‘harnessing the power of storytelling’ and ‘using video for purpose beyond profit’.

In this podcast he shares lots of valuable insights into running a for-profit business that’s committed to making change and contributing to the greater good. Rav is soon approaching his 10 year anniversary in business and this podcast interview is not to be missed!

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3 Key Things

  1. Spend time getting to know your true core values and communicate through them.
  2. You can have a business that contributes to the greater good AND be a for-profit business but you need to keep ontop of and know your financials.
  3. If you’re serious about moving forwards with your business and your purpose, invest in your own personal development as this will be the best investment you will ever make.

About Be Inspired Films

Be Inspired Films is a video production company and we believe that telling better stories will help create a better world. Our job is to find great companies doing great things and to help them tell their stories to have more impact and to scale.

What is your business Superpower?

I think primarily, it’s getting to the heart of the story. Getting past the marketing and the organisational language and getting through to the heart of why it matters. We help companies make complicated ideas easy to understand. Bringing creativity in this world to creativity beyond profit and to help companies, like BCorp’s have a bigger impact. We also do video training to help organisations learn how to produce more video themselves.

How does Be Inspired Films engage it’s staff, suppliers and customers with your mission and purpose?

Through the language we use, through our marketing and every touch point that we have. I think it takes time to gain clarity on your own pitch but the more we do it the more it evolves and improves. Understanding what is your purpose beyond profit and how you communicate that – it’s all about attracting the right people, the right clients and the right suppliers that match your values.

We don’t do outbound sales and most of our customers come to us because they’ve heard of us and because we are communicating to attract the right sort of person. Recently we’ve done some work on what are our values and why they are so. The first one is honesty because I want to build long term relationships that last – I’m not just interested in transactional relationships – I want to deliver long term value. Contribution is at the heart of what we do because we are a for-profit business as I was adamant that we didn’t want to look for grants and be dependent on this so it was important for us to stand on our own two feet and be for-profit. This is for us what makes a BCorp different. Kindness is also really important because I feel that you can be very driven as an entrepreneur and as i’ve evolved i want to bring kindness to how we work. Ownership too, we’ve started to bring in more full time staff as we grow and having people take ownership is really important to me and the company as a whole and also excellence – this is really at the heart of what we do. I want to do excellent work. The last thing is loyalty as we are all very loyal and this is important to us.

We communicate through our values and this works really well for us.

What has been your biggest struggle so far when it comes to running a sustainable business and how have you overcome it?

I have to say that running the business on my own was a big challenge of mine. I listened to a podcast run by a hugely successful business owner who’s advice was to find a co-owner to split the responsibilities and stress. You can make decisions much faster when you make them with someone else. Trying to do everything on your own can hold you back as you become the bottleneck.

If you could offer ONE piece of advice to our listeners which could help them with their purpose, what would that be?

My piece of advice is to get clear on your financials. 80% of all businesses don’t last 10 years which is really brutal and we’re coming up to our tenth year next year and we’re nearly there. To overcome working on my own is to have masterminds and coaches and go on lots of training which can be quite expensive. I now look at my business financials every single week so I’m always up to date and clean.

The next one is learn to have clear boundaries, especially when working with freelancers and subcontractors. To me this means basically owning the responsibility and understanding the relationship. This plays into the idea of contracts and being crystal clear. It’s the difference between expectations and understanding your goals. It’s uncomfortable because when things come down to it, if it’s just expectations then it can be really unpleasant.

The last one is to invest in your own personal development. Some thing that people don’t always know about me is that In the past I spent 7 years as a monk so when I came into the world of business and entrepreneurship then investing in my own personal development was so important. Oh and make time for your kids 🙂

What’s the best way we can connect with you and learn more?

You can visit our website or give us a call. I’m very keen to talk to more people that are keen to have an impact and make a difference, even if you’re in the early stages of your idea or business. You can also follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

We also do video training which can be found by searching for Video Know How.

If you’re in the early stages of your business then there is an offer on our website where you can sign up to our Vlog and also download our free 5-part guide to creating your first video brief.

Lastly, I’m working on a personal documentary called the Road to Change which is around the challenge of getting girls access to education in India. The idea behind it is to raise awareness and looking at girls and women’s empowerment and how we can bring men on this journey as well. I filmed the entire documentary whilst travelling around India on a TukTuk. You can watch the trailer and follow our journey here.

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