Energy Procurement Services

Energy Procurement Service

Significantly reduce your energy costs

Procure renewable energy

Improve energy performance

Improve operational efficiencies


  • Understand your business to ensure the right energy products are available to you and that best practice is implemented.
  • Conduct invoice and data audits to assess contract suitability and provide cost saving opportunities.
  • Monitor the market. Against the backdrop of volatile energy prices, Smarter Business uses in-depth industry knowledge to advise on the best time to negotiate your contract on your behalf.
  • Identify existing energy patterns and cost waste through Dataview – industry-leading energy analysis software. This invaluable program allows you to set reduction targets and strategise around reporting and data.
  • Manage utility procurement, budgets, and forecasts with you through Openview, the first transparent reverse auction platform available to the energy market.
  • Ensure your business’s compliance with energy and carbon efficiency measures and reporting regulations.


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