This Saturday, over 7,000 cities will be taking part in Earth Hour. Originally starting in 2007 as a lights-off event in Sydney, Earth hour now reaches no fewer than 187 countries.

So, what exactly is Earth Hour?

Well, aside from being the largest symbolic mass participation event in the world, Earth Hour aims to encourage households and businesses to act on climate change.

Organised by the WWF, Earth Hour is a chance for us to make a pledge to our planet and reduce our consumption.

How is Green Element participating?

We have advised our clients to send out communications to their entire staff force encouraging them to do the following three things this Friday and to continue it throughout the year:

  • Turn off all non-essential lighting
  • Switch off computer screen
  • Unplug any other equipment

With these simple steps a reduction carbon footprint can be noted.

What’s more at home you can make a difference too:

Why not treat the event as an excuse to?

  • Star gaze in an open spot near your home
  • Host a dinner party by candlelight
  • Venture out and spot other local landmarks participating

Join the Facebook event – Happy Earth Hour everyone!

Share with us what you get up to.  


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