This month I spent my charity day at The Harington Scheme (college for young adults with learning difficulties).

‘You are the recycling person,’ one Harington learner said to me as I arrived.

‘That’s right,’ I replied.

I was happy that my recycling lesson has been remembered. The recycling bins were looking impressive too. 

The morning began with a maths lesson. I helped learners complete various exercises and taught students how to add and minus numbers. For this we used counters to visualise the numbers. We had a morning break to grab some water before getting stuck in again. We also touched on dividing numbers by 2. This was made accessible by using the counters.  

During lunch I spoke to learners and we hung out in the walled garden. It is beautiful space where learners and staff feel calm and relaxed.

 After lunch I stayed with the maths teacher as they asked for further classroom assistance. I was happy to help and really enjoyed guiding learners through the concept of adding and subtracting. We also focused on vocabulary associated with these concepts. We used real life examples. Such as, ‘your brother is 5 years younger than you. If you are 20 how old does that make your brother?’ This was very hard for most of the students and so it was important we used counters and were very patient. There was an afternoon break before we regathered and tackled some more exercises. 

It was very rewarding when students answered questions correctly and understood. 

I really enjoyed my day volunteering at the Harington scheme it is a wonderful place with amazing people!

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