This month, I volunteered with The Felix Project at their warehouse in Enfield. Food waste is a massive issue – 1.9 million tonnes of avoidable food waste is generated in the UK each year; however, 4 million children struggle to eat healthy meals in their households – food poverty is very prevalent. The Felix Project work hard to save as much of this food waste as possible, collecting surplus food from a range of sources, sorting through this at the warehouses, and subsequently delivering this to those in need. This could range from schools, community kitchens, homeless shelters, and charities.

This month, I helped at the warehouse, sorting through lots of fruit and veg deliveries and helping put together acceptable boxes, ready to be delivered out that day. I also assisted with getting the appropriate food ready to meet the needs of different charity collections that were due to arrive later that day.

The work that this organisation is doing is invaluable. Steps that we can take at home to minimise our own food waste, is to ensure we shop smart and don’t overbuy, store food where it should be stored to maximise its life, freeze food, and also strive to finish what’s in our fridges before the food goes off (being mindful that use by dates are only guidelines).

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