This month I spent my charity day at The Harrington Scheme (college for young adults with learning difficulties). I noted the progress staff and students had made with their recycling scheme.

My last day volunteering at The Harrington Scheme I ran lessons on the importance of reducing what we use and placing certain items in the correct bins. This month I could see an improvement. I was very impressed.

Last week was the college’s awards ceremony, where students spoke about what they had learnt. Recycling and the environment was spoken about by the students. Staff proudly told me about this. I was happy to hear the wonderful feedback. 

The morning at Harrington was spent preparing food for the summer party. We made a Greek salad, Eton mess and cut up fruit. Students were attentive to what waste went in which bin. This is no easy task but I could see staff and students trying really hard to separate the waste appropriately. The compost bin was being used and plastics were placed in the mixed recycling bin.

After preparing all the food and setting up a table for 40 people we were ready for the summer party. Staff and students enjoyed lovely food and good weather. It was also a chance to give feedback. I said that I really enjoyed my volunteer days with the Harrington Scheme because everyone is so friendly, I learn a lot each time I go in and the college has beautiful gardens.

Later on in the afternoon I sat down with one of the teachers and went through all the lessons he had given regarding recycling, plastics and the environment. Again I was super impressed. He had covered a lot of content with the students. We thought about what else could be arranged for the rest of term. I suggested using survey monkey to get students to practice their ICT skills while engaging with questions about the environment. We also spoke about getting the students to present back what they had learned.

Next month when I go in I will run induction lessons for new students about recycling. I will also plan some activities involving up-cycling. Transforming old glass jars into jolly jars. These can be filled with presents, home-baked cookies or hand written notes. 

Has anyone else made anything useful out of waste? It needs to be something safe and easy to do.



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