Charity diaries November – Back Up Trust

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Who are The Back Up Trust?

The Back Up Trust are a spinal injuries charity that support individuals who have had devastating injuries. A large part of what they do is run residential courses for those recently injured. These course help individuals realise their potential despite physical limitations. Courses range from multi-activity courses (wheelchair abseiling, cycling, horse riding and much more) to skills for independence (treasure hunts around Edinburgh city or clubbing in Leeds).

I was fortunate enough to be a volunteer on one of Back Up Trust’s multiactivity courses over the summer in Exmoor. Following this, I was nominated to be a team leader for another one of their courses. Consequently, this month I spent my volunteer days on a group leader training course.

Group Leader Training

The training was valuable and insightful. We had two full days of workshops. The course kicked off with some ice breakers getting to know each other and getting inspiration for when we lead the courses.

We drew pictures of our journey with Back Up Trust. This was a fun way to get to know everyone. The first session was about the charity Back Up Trust, how it runs and all the courses they provide. We went on to learn about how to be a good group leader by asking a panel of existing group leaders questions. We had a session on the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the group.

The first evening we went out into Coventry town for a group meal. This was lovely.

The second day we had role play sessions, a lesson on safeguarding, a chunk of time on dealing with difficult situations. We wrapped up the two days by choosing an animal we would associate ourselves with I chose two cats as I felt like we all worked together well in the group and cared for each other.

It was a full on two days, I learnt a lot and now feel confident to be a group leader in the new year.

Find out more…

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